Shamar Watt, 30, was shot in the head in the bathroom of an underground Bronx nightclub. He died Tuesday, two days after the incident. The shooting occurred on Third Avenue near E. 184th St. in Belmont on May 9. The killer opened fire, striking Watt at around 3:45 a.m.

The fatal shooting at a Bronx nightclub has led to a manhunt across New York for the unidentified killer. Police revealed the footage that reveals what happened during the bathroom brawl that turned deadly, hoping someone would come forward with information regarding the killer.

It all started as a minor quarrel over the bathroom in the unlicensed bar. Both men, Watt, and the unidentified killer, were waiting for the bathroom when Watt let two women cut in front of him and use the single unisex bathroom. After the women left, Shamar Watt and the other man started to argue over who’s turn was next.

The shooting didn’t occur until Watt returned to the crowded dance floor. The gunman fired two bullets at what witnesses describe as “near point-blank range.” Shamar Watt was struck in the head and was rushed to Saint Barnabas Hospital where he died Tuesday.

The security camera footage of the Bronx nightclub was released by police. It shows the gunman walking into the bathroom after Watt leaves. The gunman stopped a moment as they crossed paths. The video then cuts to the moment when the gun walked up to Shamar Watt and opened fire. Pictures released by the NYPD revealed that the suspected gunman was wearing a red hoodie.

Shamar Watt lived in the Wakefield section of the Bronx. The local rapper, who went by the name Malcolm Vuitton, was highly respected by the community. The musician was also a hospital accountant during the day and is remembered for being a joyful person, according to his brother, Shawn Watt.

“Everybody in the neighborhood loved him,” Shawn explained after the shooting. “People should think of his name in lights, of jets flying across the city … He was a big deal to me.” The musician was popular among the Bronx neighborhood.

“He always had a smile on his face,” the brother added. “He gave the love that was reciprocated. Just a good dude. He would go above and beyond for you. He showed love and respect to his elders. He was a great guy.”

Watt’s family explained that his death was shocking. “It still doesn’t feel real,” Watt’s brother said while mourning. “We are in disbelief, shock, sadness. It’s everything. I mean, we are from New York. Anything can happen.”