Shane O’Connor, the son of Irish singer Sinead O’Connor, has killed himself. Police in Ireland issued this statement: “Following the recovery of a body in the Bray area of Wicklow on Friday, 7th January 2022, a Missing Person Appeal in respect of Shane O’Connor, 17 years, has been stood down.” Wicklow is south of Dublin, where Shane O’Connor had been hospitalized following earlier suicide attempts.

What Happened?

Shane O’Connor was on suicide watch at Tallaght University Hospital, in Dublin. But he somehow slipped passed the watch and disappeared Thursday, Jan. 6. In the hours after Shane O’Connor’s disappearance, his mother tweeted out several pleas to him or to anyone who might be able to help him.

She asked that he present himself at an Irish Police (Gardai) station.

In another message she told her son, “My world would collapse without you. You are my heart. Please don’t stop it from beating. Please don’t harm yourself. Go to the Gardai and let’s get you to hospital.”

Sinead Threatens Lawsuits

Since the confirmation of his death, Sinead O’Connor has been threatening lawsuits against the hospital, asking: “how has a seventeen year old traumatized young person WHO WAS ON SUICIDE WATCH in Tallaght Hospital’s Lynn Ward been able to go missing???”

She has explained that her son was put on suicide watch after “two severe suicide attempts” a week ago.

Saturday morning, the singer – who has also adopted the name Shuhada’ Davitt after a 2018 conversion to Islam – complained of the absence of any contact from Ireland’s Child and Family Agency, Tusla. She wrote, “I have yet to receive any contact from Tusla or their representatives. I was informed by Gardai of my son’s death and later I spoke with the [guardian ad litem]. No contact from Tusla is unacceptable.”

Sinead O’Connor’s thoughts are also with other potential suicides. “May no one follow his example,” she tweeted.

Sinead’s Tumultuous Career

Sinead O’Connor has had an especially tumultuous life in the public eye over the years. Some thought her career would end in October 1992 when she notoriously ripped up a photograph of Pope John Paul II during a performance on Saturday Night Live.

The cast and crew at the SNL performance were not aware this was coming. During the rehearsal, O’Connor had held up a photo of a refugee child as the song came to an end. But during the live, broadcast event, it was a photo of the Pope, and she shouted, “Fight the real enemy” as she ripped it apart.

Though there was backlash, O’Connor found many admirers who considered the act proof of her devotion to the truth as she sees it. O’Connor said recently that the moment, and the backlash, freed her from the typical pop star life to which she was headed after the global success of “Nothing Compares 2 U. It is a life, she said, akin to a prison.

In a string of messages after her conversion to Islam, she spoke of her break from her old life in stark, racial terms. “I truly never wanna spend time with white people again.” She seemed in those messages to equate “white people” with non-Muslims, who are generally, she said, “disgusting.” A few months later she came to regret the comments, and she apologized for that statement.

Now, of course, with the terrible tragedy of her son’s death, O’Connor is asking for prayers from the world at large.

A woman describing herself as an Eco-Hippie Mamma wrote on Twitter, “May Shane’s Memory be Eternal. I am afraid to even imagine the depth and the breadth of your grief and loss, but I stand with you in solidarity and a mother’s sorrow.”