Shanice Young was killed Sunday morning while coming home from her baby shower. The 31-year-old pregnant mother had been trying to break up a fight between her boyfriend and her ex when she was fatally shot in the head. Authorities are still trying to piece together what happened to the Harlem woman.

Young, who was eight months pregnant with her second baby, had been unloading presents into her home on West 128th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard in Manhattan shortly after 1:00 a.m. when her boyfriend and her ex begun to argue. As the pregnant woman attempted to break up the fight, one of the two men opened fire.

According to an NYPD spokesperson, Shanice Young “stepped in between to break it up and got caught in the middle.” It wasn’t immediately clear what happened to cause the argument or why both men were at the home just past midnight. Neither of the men has admitted to shooting Young. The suspected gunman is still on the loose.

What happened to Shanice Young? Pregnant mother was shot and killed early Sunday morning after her baby shower. Young was trying to break up a fight between her boyfriend and her ex.
What happened to Shanice Young? The pregnant mother was shot and killed early Sunday morning after her baby shower. Young was trying to break up a fight between her boyfriend and her ex. Photo Credit: Twitter

As of Monday morning, police suspect Young’s ex was the one who opened fire. He was reportedly wearing a camouflage mask at the time of the altercation. The suspect has not yet been identified.

The incident took place just moments after Shanice Young celebrated her second baby at her baby shower on 112thStreet. Her friend Candice explained that the pregnant mom was “unloading the stuff from the baby shower” when she was shot. “The gifts were lined up in the hallway, and she was going back outside when she got shot.”

Candice explained that she was “shaken up by it. Who the f–k shoots a pregnant woman? You’ve got to be out of your mind.”

When cops responded to the Manhattan residence, Young was on the ground. One of the officers tried frantically to save her life, according to her building’s super, Jose Morales.

“I saw them trying to resuscitate her, pumping her chest,” Morales claimed. “There was a police officer who was trying so hard to save her. He was pumping and pumping and wasn’t going to stop.”

Morales continued, explaining that “when it was over, the officer was in the lobby with me, and he was just like, ‘I tried. I tried.’”

Shanice Young was pronounced dead Sunday morning after she was rushed to Harlem Hospital. Her sister, Metania, said that she “was nine months pregnant” though authorities claimed she was eight months pregnant. It was reported that her unborn child did not make it.  

Young had a 6-year-old daughter who was at the scene when her mother was shot. One report claimed that the girl witnessed her mother being shot. Young also looked after her little sister because her mom had died of cancer last year. It wasn’t clear how old Young’s little sister was.

According to Metania, this was no accident. She claimed that “Shanice was a victim.” She also said that her sister “had two [daughters] and the third one died with her.”

Stephanie McGraw, a domestic violence activist who founded the group We All Really Matter, an anti-domestic violence nonprofit, said she was “upset because she didn’t have to die…it could have been me.”

McGraw claimed that she went to the scene of the crime to offer the family support. She explained that “we got to understand how serious domestic violence is and how dangerous it is.”

Robert Rice, the chaplain for Harlem Hospital, consoled the victim’s family Sunday. Rice explained that “this right here was a senseless shooting. I’m very upset and I’m angry. I shouldn’t be angry as a clergy, but this one here has touched my heart.”