Shelly Hill stands accused of punching a 6-year-old Asian boy in the back of his neck and is now being charged after the child’s mother recorded video evidence of the encounter for police. The assault occurred near the Shops at Crystals, a luxury mall in the CityCenter complex in Las Vegas.

Hill allegedly punched the 6-year-old boy after the family had exited the Shops at Crystals, and was reportedly shouting racist slurs at the family as she walked away. According to the Korean-American family, Shelly Hill came up behind them and punched the 6-year-old boy in the neck, before rushing away as the parents called after her.

The boy’s father reportedly put his son behind him before facing Hill and shouting, “I’m going to kill you, you racist b—ch.” Hill proceeded to flee from further confrontation but was reportedly still shouting at the family as she walked away. The mother of the boy then ran after Hill, screaming at her to “come back,” and saying that “you can’t hit my son!”

When the mother finally caught up to Shelly Hill, she began to record, fearing further physical violence would make things worse. “By the time I caught up to her, I could see security approaching because I made quite the commotion,” the mother later explained. “All that trash littered on the ground happened when I confronted her and she dropped her things.”

Shelly Hill was charged with a hate crime after punching a 6-year-old boy in the back of his neck. TikTok video proves her guilt.
Shelly Hill was charged with a hate crime after punching a 6-year-old boy in the back of his neck. TikTok video proves her guilt. Photo Credit: TikTok

The mother, who was identified only by her TikTok handle @unhmmajo, captured video footage of the secondary encounter, which directly followed the assault. In the video, the mother is standing directly in front of Shelly Hill, as Hill screams and shouts. Though it’s difficult to make out what Hill is saying, @unhmmajo told police that she recalled Hill shouting “It’s your fault, I know what you did,” and “China,” though the rest was inaudible.

According to reports, the incident occurred at around 11:05 a.m. on July 5, but the video wasn’t uploaded to TikTok until two days later. Though commenters on the TikTok berated @unhmmajo for not beating Shelly Hill up, the mother explained that it was to prevent any legal action against herself.

“You can see security approaching in the video, but there was also security coming up from behind me,” the unidentified mother said. “In that instance, I knew it was better to get a video of her face as evidence versus opting for violence since security was already in the picture.” She later explained that TikTok commenters “said things like ‘What a bad mother, filming this instead of beating her up,’” and other nasty things.

The mother claims that “those types of comments are not constructive and need to stop. The video is literally the reason she was identified and is being charged.” Police told @unhmmajo that the video evidence was enough to prove Shelly Hill’s guilt. Hill is being charged with battery and a hate crime and is being held on $3,000 bail. Hill will appear for her first court hearing on Sunday.

According to the Korean-American family, the incident brought out the best in others. Sales reps reportedly left their workstations to aid the 6-year-old boy. One sales rep brought him ice water to place on his neck before police arrived, while another gave the boy and his 2-year-old sister coloring books.

“I am forever grateful to those sales reps,” @unhmmajo said. The mother did say that her son was not bruised, but that the incident left mental scars. He was reportedly “shaken up but is doing okay,” and told his family that he was “so glad it was him and not his little sister.”

The 6-year-old boy is learning to cope with his fear and told his parents he was scared by the way they acted. “He said he had never seen us that angry before and hopes we never get that angry with him,” @unhmmajo explained. “It startled him so much to see us that way — I can’t imagine how traumatized he would be if we actually got physically violent.”

In her TikTok, @unhmmajo tells her audience to “stay safe,” and mentions that the incident happened at a luxury mall. “Stay safe, it’s not safe anywhere,” a voiceover claims in the video, as the unhinged Shelly Hill walks off, leaving her trash on the ground.