Up-and-coming Los Angeles rapper Slim 400, whose real name is Vincent Cohran, was gunned down in Inglewood on Wednesday, according to police. While the hip-hop community mourns one of its own, authorities are still trying to determine what happened to the California-based performer.

According to reports, Slim 400 was shot and killed in the Inglewood neighborhood of Los Angeles on Wednesday. Officers were patrolling the neighborhood near 7th and Manchester Avenues around 8:00 p.m. PST when they heard gunshots. They found Slim 400 on the ground and quickly took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

It is currently unclear what sparked the deadly shooting and police have not released a suspect name or motive. It hasn’t been revealed how many individuals were involved in the deadly incident.

The beloved rapper‘s cause of death is expected to be his gunshot wounds. Vincent Cohran’s death was first reported by the No Jumper podcast on Twitter.

Since his death, tributes and memories for Slim 400 have been pouring in on social media. Many fixtures of the music industry have used their platforms to mourn the rapper, discussing his impact on music, specifically the hip-hop scene.

Hip Hop blog Passion Weiss took to Twitter, saying, “RIP Slim 400. A Compton gangsta rap prototype, an ambassador for a tradition, lineage, and history — who made a whole lot of hard-as-hell rap songs full of sober gravity and blunt force.”

Other rappers used social media to remember Vincent Cohran and the advice he gave them. Rapper Tron A shared that “Slim400 randomly pulled me to the side, and told me until I do my own thing, these niggas ain’t gon respect me. I took that advice and ran wit it. Luv u Slim! Rip to another fallen soldier.”

Rapper Slim 400 died in Los Angeles. A cause of death is unknown, but police believe he was shot and killed. (Credit: Instagram)
Rapper Slim 400 died in Los Angeles. The cause of death is unknown, but police believe he was shot and killed. (Credit: Instagram)

Vincent Cohran was born in Germany before moving to the United States as a child. He grew up in Compton, C.A., and was eventually discovered by music label Pu$haz Ink, which grew in popularity from signing DJ Mustard, Young Gangsta, and Travis Scott.

Slim 400’s first album was released in 2010 and gathered a modest fan following. He later collaborated with artists Youngsta and Young Hootie and in 2016, a music video for his single “Bruisin'” got over 15 million views on YouTube. The 33-year-old was known in the music industry as a promising West Coast rapper.

A day before his death, the rapper shared a new music video with his fans for his song “Caviar Gold (IceWata)”. The video has garnered over 21K views and the comments are filled with tributes to the rapper.

Los Angles rapper Slim 400 was killed Wednesday. Fans are mourning his death and wondering what happened. (Credit: Instagram)
Los Angeles rapper Slim 400 was killed Wednesday. Fans are mourning his death and wondering what happened. (Credit: Instagram)

Wednesday’s tragedy was not the first time the Los Angeles rapper was shot at. Back in 2018, the 33-year-old was gunned down outside his home in Compton. He survived nine gunshot wounds after receiving surgery at St. Francis Medical Center.

He later joked on Instagram that he was thankful the shooters decided to use “Walmart bullets.” The rapper was shot in his jaw, head, and upper and lower back. According to reports, the shooting was a drive-by. At the time, multiple masked gunmen shot at the rapper from their car before speeding away.

After his recovery, Slim 400 thanked his family for saving him. According to the rapper, family members braved the gun fire and pulled him into the house.

“I just feel like when you meant to be here and God [has] a plan for you, it ain’t no stoppin’ it,” the rapper said during an interview. “I hit the ground thinking it was over. My family came out, kept me alive, talking to me, dragging me in the house while they still shooting … My family, love her to death for just saving me. I just feel like I’m blessed just to be here ’cause I could have just died then and there.”

Slim 400’s family has not released a statement regarding his death. Police continue to investigate.