Stephanie Lontz, a Las Vegas Amazon driver, is being praised for saving 19-year-old Lauren Ray and her dog from a scary pit bull attack. The Ray family publicly thanked Lontz on Friday for her incredible courage and help.

Recently released Ring doorbell footage shows the moments leading up to the dog attack. Lauren Ray said that she came out when she noticed an Amazon truck and a pit bull. The 19-year-old thought that the dog was blocking the truck’s route, so she decided to step in and help.

The 19-year-old called the dog over to her and was petting it before her own pooch came out and caused the pit bull to attack.

“My first thought was to pick up my dog because he’s small and he did not stand a chance against this other dog. So, I had to keep him in my arms to keep out of harm’s way,” said Lauren Ray.

Security camera footage shows Ray spinning around as she tries to get away from the aggressive dog. The girl’s father, Michael, watched the terrifying ordeal from his car at work. Michael Ray is a real estate agent and had just finished showing a house 30 minutes away when he got the Ring doorbell notification on his phone.

He said that he was yelling at his daughter to try to get into the house as the dog continued to attack her.

“As a dad, you know, panic mode, I’m a half an hour away from the house,” he said. “Literally, it’s like I’m watching a football game and screaming at it. I’m like, ‘Get in the house! Get in the house!’”

Michael watched the moment Stephanie Lontz ran in to save his daughter. The Amazon driver put herself between the pit bull and the girl and started yelling at the dog to stop. Because of her bravery, Lauren Ray and her pooch were able to get into the house and away from the dog attack.

Before she ran off, Lontz is heard saying “you’re a bad dog,” to the pit bull. Because of Lontz’s actions, Lauren Ray and her dog walked away with minor scratches instead of major injuries.

Amazon driver Stephanie Lotz saved Lauren Ray and her dog from a pit bull attack. Her amazing actions were caught on Ring video. (Credit: YouTube)
Amazon driver Stephanie Lotz saved Lauren Ray and her dog from a pit bull attack. Her amazing actions were caught on Ring video. (Credit: YouTube)

According to Lontz, a few minutes before the dog attacked Lauren Ray, she had helped another neighbor and his corgi escape the aggressive dog. She let the man and his pooch jump into her truck while the pit bull was trying to attack them. When Lontz heard Ray’s screams, she knew she had to act.

“The screams made me think of my own child. I would only hope someone would jump in and help her if she was in a similar situation,’ shared Lontz. ‘I wouldn’t even think its motherly, it’s just- it’s the human thing to do.”

The Amazon driver told reporters that her job involves a lot of quick thinking. Weeks before the pit bull attack, Lontz got bit by a dog, saved a baby from getting locked in a home and even had a co-worker who put out a house fire while delivering packages.

She said, “Two days prior, I had been bit by a dog. Two days before that, I had saved a baby that wasn’t even two years old yet–locked in a house. I mean we really go through a lot and we’re there when other people aren’t and sometimes it’s not even recognized. I have a coworker who put out a fire the other day. It’s just–we’re really there when sometimes nobody’s there. And we’re just doing our job at the end of the day.”

Because she acted quickly during the terrifying attack, Amazon surprised Lontz and her family. The family of four was gifted four tickets to Enchant, a holiday light show in Las Vegas, and backpacks filled with toys for the kids.

A spokesperson for Amazon released a statement after the video footage was released and praised the driver. They said, “We saw that video and honestly that was something that I’ve never seen before. And just appreciate your service to Amazon and really to your community.”

The Ray family also thanked their amazing Amazon driver with a card and some flowers.