There was a lot of tension at Sunday’s night football game between Tom Brady and his old team, the New England Patriots, but it was Steve Belichick’s strange tongue movements that stole the show.

Early in the game, and captured on national television, Patriots Coach Steve Belichick made a series of weird facial expressions that later got mocked and shared on Twitter. Sticking his tongue out and wagging it, possibly to lick his lower lip, he then seethed like Gene Simmons in a Kiss music video before returning to the game.

Barstool Sports, the controversial sports website, tweeted the viral video joking, “Me staring into my fridge at 2am.”

“You’re saying there’s a BBQ buffet and it’s all you can eat?” joked another Twitter user.

Steve Belichick, Pats head coach Bill Belichick’s son, has been on the coaching staff for the New England football team since 2012. His father, Bill Belichick has won six Super Bowls as head coach of the Patriots, with an additional two as defense coordinator.

Starting out in the family business as a defense assistant and safeties coach, Steve became the outside linebackers coach in 2020, passing the role of safeties coach over to his younger brother, Brian Belichick. Steve got his undergraduate degree attending Rutgers University in New Jersey where he played lacrosse, and also contributed to a defensive role in their football program.

Like his father, Steve Belichick is technically a three-time Super Bowl champion for the New England coaching staff as well, winning during his tenure as a defensive assistant and safeties coach.

Benjamin Solak at The Ringer commented that he looked like, “Every middle school boy on picture day,” however, when Steve made his puzzling tongue gestures for a national NFL audience during Sunday nights game.

Many people online also mocked his mullet, with one commenter writing that, “Steve Belichick looks like an extra from Breaking Bad.”

Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would defeat the New England Patriots 19-17 for the last laugh. The defending Super Bowl champion came back home to face his old, storied team, and walked away with the victory.

The end of the game, however, was a battle between kickers. Patriots kicker Nick Folk missed a 57-yard field goal attempt, but Tampa Bay’s Ryan Succop hit one 48-yards away to give the Buccaneers the lead with just under two minutes left in the game, sealing the deal for Brady and the Buccs.

Tampa Bay walked away with a winning 3-1 record, leaving the Patriots with an almost unheard of 1-3 beginning loss to the season.

“There’s still, obviously, a lot more to do, and you know, we’ll just continue to work on it and work harder on it and try to continue to improve it,” Bill Belichick said after the game.

In 2019, Steve Belichick went viral during an off-field interview. Many fans reacted to how he spoke, saying that he sounded just like his father, Bill Belichick.

“Like father, like son,” wrote Ryan Gaydos at Fox News. “Stephen Belichick is a clone of Bill Belichick,” joked Barstool Sports.

Channeling his father, Steve said that he had many fond memories with his father teaching his the game when he was younger, but that many of those stories stay between them.

“Football has always been my thing,” he told reporters. “I remember watching Primetime with Chris Berman back when I lived in Cleveland. Just watching highlights and learning, and going into my dad’s office and spending time there trying to watch film.”

“I just wanted to spend time around football so I spent time around my dad,” Steve Belichick said.