The Stranger Things Season 4 trailer just dropped, bringing with it plenty of spoilers and hidden clues for future episodes. The Netflix original series has amassed an impressive following and the trailer garnered over 500,000 views within its first few hours.

The trailer opens as a clock strikes 3, before quickly cutting to a surveillance camera. Upon closer inspection, the middle of the lens appears to show the number three, a second indication that the number will play an important role in Season 4.

It doesn’t take long to place the setting of the brand-new scenes, as children in hospital gowns roll their old-fashioned cars over a painted, tile floor. We’re in Hawkins National Laboratory sometime in the past, and this isn’t a sweet, daycare center. It’s the place Eleven, portrayed by Millie Bobbie Brown, got her powers.

Several more clues appear in succession: A disc funnels its way down a Plinko board, two patients are playing chess, and a magic eight balls explains that “all signs point to yes.” What question it was answering is unknown, but it is likely something sinister.

The Plinko disc finally touches down on the number seven, with the numbers four and eight already filled. The camera then zooms out of the common area, with several children occupying themselves – heads shaved just like Eleven was at the beginning of Season 1.

It doesn’t take long before the first line of dialogue is spoken. It’s Dr. Martin Brenner, the infamous doctor who experimented on Eleven and dozens of other children. “Good morning, children,” he says as he enters the common room. 

“Good morning, Papa,” the children respond in unison.

“Today I have something very special planned for you,” Dr. Brenner tells the children before the camera pans past several closed doors. Eight, nine, ten… eleven. While “Papa” is speaking, distinct breathing comes into focus and it sounds like our hero is right back where she began – locked away.

The music intensifies as the camera zooms on the door until the screen goes black and Dr. Brenner’s voice can be heard once again. “Eleven,” he says. “Are you listening?” A quick cut and the camera rests on Eleven as she opens her eyes, gasping in fear.   

Why the Stranger Things Season 4 trailer is set in the past is unknown, but audiences will likely get to see Eleven as she is poked and prodded by Dr. Brenner and his team of scientists. Her superpowers are likely still in development, with Dr. Brenner yearning to push her past her breaking point.

The story in Season 3 ended as Eleven and her two friends, Jonathon, and Will, moved away from Hawkins, leaving several other titular characters behind. Eleven was devasted that she was forced to leave Mike for good, and the devastation has likely brought up old memories of her time in Hawkins National Laboratory. And with the gang broken up, there is no telling what supernatural craziness will ensue.  

There were plenty of other cliffhangers in the last episode, which aired way back in July 2019. Hopper died but was strangely revived in a post-credit scene that showed him in a Russian prison camp. He was likely snatched by the Russians – the central villains in the third season. How Hopper, Eleven, and the rest of the Stranger Things gang will reunite is unclear, but fans can rest assured there will be plenty of action and conflicts for the characters to navigate.

David Harbour, who plays Jim Hopper in Stranger Things, told People that Season 4 is his all-time favorite for his character. Fans will “see a lot of your favorite characters doing the thing that you love them for… but you’ll also see them twist it and turn it into other colors and flavors.”

If the Season 4 trailer is any indication, fans will meet many more characters this season. The other children from the lab are likely going to play a central role in the events of the upcoming season, with other insane powers to show off. Eleven may have to reconnect with her past to save the day, perhaps from an even bigger baddie threatening Hawkins.

Fans will have to wait and see when Season 4 finally drops in 2022. The exact release date is unknown, but hopefully fans will learn soon when we’ll get to see Eleven again.