When Clayton Echard was announced as the next Bachelor along with his cast of hopefuls, many contestants stood out among the rest including, Susie Evans, a wedding photographer from Virginia Beach, Va.; Gabby Windey, an ICU nurse from Denver, Co.; and Rachel Recchia, a flight instructor from Clermont, Fl.

Will one of these women, or another contestant, end up engaged at the end of the new season of The Bachelor?

Thanks to Bachelor Nation insider Reality Steve, fans already have tons of spoilers leading into the first episode premiere on Monday night, Jan. 3, including Clayton’s potential final three.


Though the season has yet to air, Reality Steve already knows the full call-out order for Clayton’s season up until the final three contestants: Gabby Windey, Rachel Recchia, and Susie Evans.

His sources will not be proven true until the “Hometown” episode premieres later in the season, but the reality television insider has a nearly perfect track record. Last season, he predicted that Nayte Olukoya was the winner of Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette before the first episode premiered, and now the two are reportedly setting wedding dates and purchasing a house.

According to Reality Steve, Clayton, 28, is first enamored with contestant Teddi Wright, a 24-year-old surgical unit nurse from Highland, Ca. He gives her the first impression rose after the other contestants have wacky limo entrances and get a little too drunk on the first night.

The two allegedly hit it off but don’t go on a one-on-one date for a while, later getting eliminated right before Hometowns. Clayton, down to his final three contestants, is then left with Susie Evans, Gabby Windey, and Rachel Recchia.

Susie Evans

At 28 years old, wedding photographer Susie Evans was also a former Miss Virginia 2020 beauty pageant winner. She lists on ABC that she was also a former jiu-jitsu champion and spent time living in Japan. Her hometown episode still takes place in Virginia Beach, and she reportedly gets two one-on-one dates during the season.

Gabby Windey

A 30-year-old ICU nurse from Denver, Co., Gabby would be older than Clayton if she wins his season, which would be new for The Bachelor‘s traditionally young cast. According to Reality Steve, she was seen in paparazzi photos on a Baywatch themed group date, which takes place during the season. She wins the extra time with Clayton on the beach that day, and later gets a one-on-one in a helicopter before taking him to Colorado to meet her family for Hometowns.

Gabby Windey, a 30-year-old ICU nurse from Denver, Co, and a contestant on Clayton Echard's season of the 'The Bachelor'
Gabby Windey, a 30-year-old ICU nurse from Denver, Co, and a contestant on Clayton Echard’s season of the ‘The Bachelor.’ Photo Credit: Instagram

Rachel Recchia

A 25-year-old flight instructor from Clermont, Fl., Rachel continues The Bachelor‘s fascination with planes and pilots, getting a “small town in Texas” themed date for a one-on-one. Rachel then takes Clayton to Orlando, Fl. for Hometowns, which will presumably involve a flight in her private plane.

It’s at this point in the season that Reality Steve is left without inside information, especially since teasers announced that Clayton Echard confesses his love to all three women.

It may not even be that big of a spoiler since all three women were revealed in promotional material from the show when Clayton says that he has been intimate with two of them, despite having feelings for all three.

Never have we had such an indecisive Bachelor. Could this be The Bachelor’s most dramatic season yet? Let us know your predictions in the comments section below!