Does Susie Evans, Gabby Windey, or Rachel Recchia get engaged to Clayton Echard on the Bachelor finale?

The final episodes this season provide a shocking twist that no one saw coming. Even Bachelor insiders aren’t 100% sure how things will turn out!

Teased in last week’s promotional trailer for the final three episodes, Bachelor Clayton Echard has a big conversation coming after the Fantasy Suites. He will have to tell all three of them that he was not only intimate with two of them, but that he has feelings for all three of them.

While the confrontation was already teased by ABC, Bachelor fans don’t yet know how the situation goes down, or if Clayton proposes to Susie Evans, Gabby Windey, or Rachel Recchia.


According to Reality Steve, a Bachelor Nation insider and spoiler extraordinaire, previous rumors about Rachel Recchia winning Clayton’s season are still unconfirmed.

“Ultra reliable IG accounts who’ve never spoiled a thing in their life were officially reporting Clayton was with Rachel. I have no idea why they reported that,” Reality Steve wrote on Tuesday before the Fantasy Suites episode aired. “I have no idea where this Rachel ending came from, and I’ve never been told all season that Rachel had anything to do with ending.”

After spending the night with Rachel and Gabby, Clayton’s third date is with Susie Evans, where some sort of conflict is set to upend the entire season.

Bachelor Clayton Echard will he choose Susie Evans, Gabby Windey, or Rachel Recchia
Bachelor Clayton Echard will he choose Susie Evans, Gabby Windey, or Rachel Recchia. Photo Credit: ABC/Disney

Susie seems to eliminate herself at the final three rose ceremony, seen in promotional materials already released by ABC. But the rumor is that Susie returns, and she is the last woman standing. It is not yet clear if Clayton Echard gets engaged to anyone.

In the trailer for the final three rose ceremony, Clayton tells Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia that he was, “in love with her, and I’m in love with each of you, and I was also intimate with both of you.”

After Rachel and Gabby gather themselves, according to Reality Steve, he either cancels the rose ceremony and eliminates them, or they decide that they need time to think it over, leading to them leaving on their own.

It is unknown how many of the women meets Clayton Echard’s family, but the Bachelor Nation insider revealed that he has it on good authority that by the final rose ceremony, Gabby and Rachel are gone and only Susie remains (even though she eliminated herself during Fantasy Suites).

“While I don’t know for sure how it plays out, Susie does technically ‘leave’ after her overnight date with Clayton, she just never left Iceland and is convinced at some point to ‘return,'” he told his readers.

Gabby is also there prior to the final rose ceremony, meaning that she may stay just a little longer than Rachel to become Clayton’s “official” runner-up.

After Clayton proposes to Susie Evans, however, the 29-year-old from Virginia Beach allegedly turns the Bachelor down and he leaves Iceland single.

“What is gonna be interesting, and I’m curious to how the fans take it, is Susie being convinced to stay, only to reject his proposal at the end,” Reality Steve wrote. “We’ve truly never seen an ending like this where on final rose ceremony day, the Bachelor gets rejected. So, yes, the hyperbole from Mike Fleiss and Jesse Palmer is somewhat warranted this season.”

Contestant Susie Evan and Bachelor Clayton Echard
Contestant Susie Evan and Bachelor Clayton Echard. Photo Credit: ABC/Disney

Clayton Echard is reportedly very worried about having these final three episodes air. His nervousness would make complete sense if he, in fact, is rejected during the final rose ceremony.

“I am somewhat petrified at how all the things went down,” the reality star told Us Weekly after the “Women Tell All” episode last Monday. “I went in there hoping that I could make it as seamless as possible. And I think, honestly, it was the closest thing to a trainwreck.”

The Fantasy Suites episode premieres Tuesday, March 8, with the two-part finale airing next Monday and Tuesday, March 14 and March 15, at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.