Tatiana Perebeinis, a Silicon Valley IT worker, and her two children were killed in a suburb of Kyiv on Sunday. The tech firm accountant, 43, Alise, 9, and Nikita, 18, and a man accompanying them, were murdered by Russian forces infiltrating the city of Irpin as the family attempted to flee.

Tatiana Perebeinis could not leave sooner because she was caring for her sick Ukrainian mother, according to the New York Post, though her mother’s status remains uncertain.

The man traveling with the family was later identified as Anatoly, a 28-year-old from Lugansk, Ukraine. His relationship to the family remains unknown.

Andriy Dubcha, a Ukrainian journalist, was the first to publish the terrifying footage of the Russian assault that killed the Perebeinis family.

He reported that Tatiana Perebeinis had previously fled Donetsk after the region declared themselves pro-Russian separatists, landing in Irpin, outside Kyiv.

“Thought Irpin was a safe place. But the Russian army found them here too,” Dubcha wrote on Facebook.

Alise, 9, Tatiana Perebeinis' daughter, killed by Russian troops outside Kyiv
Alise, 9, Tatiana Perebeinis’ daughter, killed by Russian troops outside Kyiv. Photo Credit: Facebook

Despite Russian Ministry of Defense spokesman Igor Konashenkov saying that “the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation take measures to ensure the security of the civilian population of Ukraine,” the Perebeinis family’s death is one of numerous accounts of civilians killed by Russian troops as they attempt to flee.

Tatiana Perebeinis and her two children are survived by Sergey Perebeinis, the husband and father. He is still located in Donetsk, according to the New York Post, and is trying to safely make his way to Kyiv to bury his family.

“He took them all,” the distraught husband wrote on social media, sharing photos of his family. “What’s next? I’m on my way. I must see you one last time. Forgive me, I didn’t cover you.”

Tatiana Perebeinis, a Silicon Valley tech worker, killed in Ukraine alongside her family
Tatiana Perebeinis, a Silicon Valley tech worker, killed in Ukraine alongside her family. Photo Credit: Facebook

The two family dogs were also reported lost. One was found in a shelter with an amputated leg, while the other was injured and had to be put down.

SE Ranking, the Silicon Valley startup where Tatiana Perebeinis worked, wrote a statement on Facebook on Monday in tribute to the employee, confirming her death.

“We are devastated to say that yesterday our dear colleague and friend Tatiana Perebeinis, the chief accountant of SE Ranking, was killed together with her two kids by Russian mortar artillery,” the company announced. “There are no words to describe our grief or to mend our pain.”

“It is crucial to not let Tania and her kids Alise and Nikita remain just statistics,” SR Ranking continued. “Her family became the victim of the unprovoked fire on civilians, which under any law is a crime against humanity. The Russian army are criminals, and they should be stopped. Our hearts are broken. Our prayers are for all Ukrainians, who are fighting for their right to exist.”

Photos of the family shared by Mikita Mikado, an SE Ranking investor, went viral on social media, depicting the scene of Tatiana and her two children lying on the pavement outside after being struck by Russian fire.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy reacted to the photos on Sunday, stating in his address to the country: “We will punish everyone who committed atrocities in this war.”

“On our land, we will find every bastard which shot at our cities, our people. Which bombed our land. Which launched rockets. Which gave the order and pressed ‘start,'” he continued. “There will be no quiet place on this Earth for you. Except for the grave.”