It’s not hard to mock Ted Cruz. And he gave haters yet another opportunity when he responded to the latest CIA recruitment video. The Texas Senator blasted the video for not inciting fear but rather purporting a leftist agenda. “We’ve come a long way from Jason Bourne,” Cruz tweeted before thousands took the stage to mock him instead.

The CIA recruitment video entitled “Humans of CIA” was posted to the Central Intelligence Agency YouTube channel, presenting a Latina woman as an essential member of the U.S. intelligence agency. “Mija, you are worth it,” was the video’s central theme, explaining the pathways all people can take to join the CIA, despite their race, religion, or gender identity.

The woman in the video explains her process to success in the CIA, explaining that she is “a woman of color, a cisgender millennial,” is “intersectional” and “has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder.” The tone of the video strays from action, violence, or intimidation, and uses a down-to-earth storytelling method to showcase what the CIA would like to be represented as; inclusive.

The video garnered a lot of hate since its March 25 debut. Aisha Ahmad believed “it’s safe to say the contemporary American left has failed.” Thousands of others took to Twitter and the original YouTube video has gotten nearly ten times the amount of dislikes as likes.

One of its most vocal haters was U.S. Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who took to Twitter to share his dismay. “If you’re a Chinese communist, or an Iranian Mullah, or Kim Jong Un…would this scare you?” Cruz asked, retweeting the CIA video. He then remarks that the CIA has “come a long way” from the fictional character Jason Bourne.

Despite a difference of opinion on the CIA video, thousands of people flooded Cruz’s Twitter feed, mocking his backward attempt at condemning the video. “Hey, moron: ‘Jason Bourne’ is imaginary – like your conscience,” Keith Olbermann wrote.

“Did this scare Kim Jong Un?” another tweet asked, sharing a picture of Donald Trump saluting next to the North Korean dictator.

Fred Wellman, the executive director of the Lincoln Project, was quick to point out the flaws in Ted Cruz’s tweet. “Jason Bourne is a fictional character who illegally assassinated people after being programmed to do so through torture.” He also fought back against Cruz, reminding him that “guys who flee their state to go to Mexico during an ice storm because it’s mildly inconvenient should just take a seat on ‘toughness’ #FatWolverine.”

Even a former FBI Special Agent commented on Cruz’s aggressive comment. “What helps our adversaries the most is when U.S. elected officials publicly demean our intelligence agencies,” Asha Rangappa wrote. “You won’t see Putin or Kim Jong Un denigrating theirs. But they’ll be happy to use your tweet for propaganda. Thanks for helping them out, Ted!”

Despite the onslaught of Twitter comments on Cruz’s feed, plenty of people agree that the CIA video was a clear sign of a leftist agenda and that the choice of language was too woke. Other accusations claim the video felt too disingenuous, a problem felt on both sides, left and right.

Scrolling through the comments and quoted retweets present an unflattering picture of the CIA video. Many have shared Ted’s stance on the matter. But he may have a hard time finding people who agree with his Jason Bourne comments.