Taking time at the beginning of a press conference to offer his condolences to the victims of the Arlington, Tx. Timberview shooting, Senator Ted Cruz quickly pivoted to criticizing President Joe Biden. Though tensions are currently high due to the debate over the debt ceiling crisis, many of the viewers called the moment tone-deaf and insensitive.

“I know all of us are lifting up, in prayer, the students and the teachers and the first responders and the parents,” Ted Cruz said at the press conference. “There have been far too many of these at far too many schools and so we are grateful for the courage and heroism of the first responders and we are hopeful that all of the students or individuals who may have been injured will come through and survive.”

Though the senator could have ended his remarks there, Cruz pivoted to bashing the President, saying that the reason that everyone was here was due to “the Biden border crisis.”

Many outlets, such as MSNBC and CSPAN, immediately cut their feeds to Cruz’ statements. “Alright, so we dropped in there to hear a little bit from Texas Senator Ted Cruz” the MSNBC anchor said as Cruz transitioned into talk of Biden, moving on to cover more of the event for the news channel.

Critics on Twitter were quick to call out how insulted they were by the senator’s remark, especially since it had only been a couple hours since the Timberview High School shooting that injured four people, and sent three people to the hospital.

“Of all the snarky, disgusting, inauthentic, fake outrage performances I’ve seen Ted Cruz make, this pivot from a school shooting that just happened not far away, to rip Biden about the border, might just be the worst,” said Twitter user, Ron Filipkowski, a Florida circuit court judge who resigned over Governor Ron DeSantis’ resistance to the Covid-19 vaccine.

Texas Governor. Greg Abbott, who also commented on the shooting, said that “we grieve for everyone who has been harmed or impacted by this in any way whatsoever.”

Sawyer Hackett, former Executive Director of Julian Castro’s People First Future campaign, mocked the Senator by calling it, “an absolutely incredible transition.”

Another commenter reminded people of how closely tied the senator is to the gun lobby, and how the NRA endorsed him for senate in 2018.

Critics on Twitter also brought up when 16 people were killed in a hot air balloon in May 2019, and Ted Cruz penned legislation requiring hot air balloon operators to be medically certified to fly. However, he would not do the same for gun legislation.

“Thank God there’s no hot air balloon lobby,” the commenter mocked.

Just this past March, Ted Cruz was slammed for another tone-deaf response to a shooting after 10 people were killed in a shooting in Boulder, Colorado.

“Every time there’s a shooting, we play this ridiculous theater where this committee gets together and proposes a bunch of laws that would do nothing to stop these murders,” he said.

Many people criticized his seemingly blind argument that if you have to start with “every time there’s a shooting,” it must be something that is happening too often and demands change.

“Uttering ‘every time’ says more about the subject matter than anything you said afterwards,” said one Twitter user, calling Ted Cruz a “national embarrassment.”

Many believed his words showed a shocking level of ignorance. Others were reminded of his position on gun legislation. He said in his remarks today that there had been “too many of these.”

Did you think Ted Cruz’s comments were inappropriate given today’s shooting? Or do you think he had a right to express his views? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.