Hate crimes have surged 300 percent in San Leandro since 2020, and the latest incident included an 80-year-old Asian man being roughed up and robbed. A disturbing video shows the victim being shoved to the ground as multiple teens wrestle with him, steal his watch, and run off laughing.

The two teens who violently attacked the man ran off toward a dark vehicle before speeding away down the street. The suspects are believed to be as young as 16, leaving authorities no choice but to search for and arrest children in relation to the crime.

In the video, the old man can be heard yelling for help. He kicks and pleads, but the teens are relentless. They steal his watch and take off, leaving the elderly Asian man on the ground.

The footage shows an Asian man being attacked in San Leandro. Hate crimes in the area have surged 300 percent from 2019 to 2020.

A man, who identified himself as Marco, recorded the video – likely from a home security system. He told reporters that “it’s crazy to see kids that age doing that kind of stuff going down that road already.” The 80-year-old Asian man sustained minor injuries, and the teens made out with his Fitbit.

According to San Leandro police, the robbery is just one of many hate crimes that continue to plague the city, along with the rest of the country. The crimes in the area have been targeting Asian and Pacific Islanders. “Other than putting juveniles in jail, what other avenues can we have to maybe divert some of the things that are happening?” Police Lt. Ali Hahn questioned. Marco expressed his views to reporters, demanding “more consequences because it seems to be ongoing.”

Last week, there was a slew of distressing hate-related crimes, especially targeting Asian Americans. Patrick Thompson was identified as the attacker who stabbed two elderly Asian women with a knife last week Tuesday. The victims, a 63-year-old and an 84-year-old, were badly wounded. The stabbing was intense that the knife broke off in the older woman’s side.

A news reporter decided to post the clip of that tragic attack in an attempt to spread awareness of the increased Asian hate. She took to Twitter to show support for other Asian Americans and try to put an end to the onslaught of hate crimes in the country.

Earlier in the month, two Asian women were smashed in the head with a hammer in New York City. The epidemic has crossed the country, with hate crimes being reported from California to New York.

The attack in San Leandro has sparked yet another urgent debate, with politicians, police departments, and citizens pleading for change. Currently the DA in California is working on solutions to combat anti-Asian hate crimes, including increased patrols. The current issue is with minors, who are often released after an incident only to attack again.