Hollywood movie consultant Thell Reed told ABC News in an exclusive interview on Tuesday that he doesn’t think that there’s a possibility his 22-year-old daughter, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, could spend time in jail for her role in the tragic accident on the set of Rust in New Mexico.

“The sheriff’s department will get to the bottom of this,” Thell Reed told Kaylee Hartung at ABC News. “I’m not worried about that at all.”

The film was his daughter’s second role as head armorer on a film set, where a prop gun misfire in the hands of actor Alec Baldwin shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza.

Alec Baldwin, assistant director Dave Halls, and Hannah Gutierrez Reed have all been important people in the investigation, as all three claim that they did not check the barrel of the firearm to confirm that it was empty before the scene began.

Sharpshooter Thell Reed, known for his work on Tombstone and quick-draw expert for Django Unchained, revealed that his daughter was given two roles on the film. He said that she would have been able to prevent the accident had she not been outside the church doing prop work, which she often complained about to him.

“That one time they should have had her on set, she would’ve rechecked that gun,” he told ABC News. “If there was a live round placed there, she would’ve found it.”

Responding to critics who said that she was too young and inexperienced to be the Rust armorer on her own, he stated that “She knows what to do” and that “She does the job as good as I do now.”

“She didn’t need anymore training, she’s got me,” Thell Reed said.

Thell Reed and his daughter, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, on the set of 'Bonanza' when she was in 5th grade
Thell Reed and his daughter, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, on the set of ‘Bonanza’ when she was in 5th grade. Photo Credit: Thell Reed

Hannah also previously said she learned everything she needed to know about the job from her father, though it was revealed that Seth Kenney, the gun supplier for the film and a former co-worker of Thell Reed’s, was hired in September to act an “armorer mentor.”

Investigated for his potential role in the death of Halyna Hutchins, authorities believe that the live ammunition found on set may have come from his collection. Thell Reed spoke with investigators about a bucket of live rounds that he brought to a training exercise run by Kenney, which was never returned.

Hannah Gutierrez Reed told authorities that she had “no idea” how the live rounds got in the Colt. 45 prop gun. Her lawyers have pushed the theory that potential sabotage from a disgruntled crew worker could be the reason, though the district attorney in charge of the investigation stated that there is no evidence of sabotage.

“Sabotage is the most likely possibility,” Reed’s lawyer Jason Bowles continued to claim in his ABC News interview. “Somebody wanted to cause a safety incident on set. Nobody wanted anybody to be killed.”

“We developed evidence of motive for that… why they might’ve wanted to do that, why Hannah might’ve been a target,” he stated, “and that’s all gone to the sheriff and we’re asking for that to be completed before any decisions are made on charging.”

Bowles also echoed the claim that Reed was given “two duties” on the Rust film set, and instructed assistant director Dave Halls on how to inspect the weapons while they were inside the church and she was doing prop work outside.

Reed set up the weapons cart that was being used inside the church, where Dave Halls reportedly announced “cold gun” before handing the firearm to Alec Baldwin. Neither remember checking the gun for any live rounds, with Alec Baldwin claiming last week that he never even pulled the trigger.

No charges have yet to be made, and the investigation remains ongoing.