Who will Kevin end up with on This is Us Season 6? Why do Kate and Toby split up? What’s in store for Randall and Rebecca? We have countless questions after the Season 5 finale.

After Kevin and Madison’s huge breakup at the end of Season 5, we’re preparing for some extremely emotional moments. Here are our predictions for the final season.


In the shocking Season 5 finale, it was revealed that Kate and Toby eventually get divorced, but it’s still unknown how or when. Through flashes into the future (a common theme on This Is Us), it was announced that Kate marries Phillip the teacher!

Fans were left with their mouths open when Kevin’s pre-wedding speech was for Kate and Phillip’s wedding. She hasn’t even divorced Toby yet! The split is clearly a big storyline this season, and we’re not sure we’re emotionally prepared.

Talking about weddings … a couple that did not tie the knot was Madison and Kevin. Despite having twins together, Madison feels Kevin is not truly in love with her. And she wants more for herself.

After the Pearsons gather at the hotel, the big wedding never takes place. So does he get back together with his longtime love Sophie ?!?

Viewers also need to know what will happen with matriarch Rebecca’s declining health. Where is Miguel? What kind of fame does Randall achieve?

According to showrunner Dan Fogelman, all our questions and more will be answered as This Is Us wraps up its final episodes.

Calling Season 6 his “most ambitious” work on the NBC drama yet, he told Entertainment Weekly that, “The show has always been a little bit about how we view our lives through time and zoom out. And the last season, as we get deeper into it, does that a lot.”

This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman talks us through what will happen to The Big Three as Rebecca's health declines in the final season
This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman talks us through what will happen to The Big Three as Rebecca’s health declines in the final season. Photo Credit: NBC

The premiere episode kicks things off on The Big Three’s 41st birthdays, which, sets a “nice, quiet, slow pace to it, intentionally,” Fogelman said. He hopes the “explosive” moment that comes after will quench fan’s thirst for answers, as the first couple of episodes “set the table for some really big stuff that’s coming down the pike.”

“We’re coming off an ending of the previous season that had a bunch of big moves for our characters,” showrunner Dan Fogelman recounted. “You saw Kevin essentially get left at the altar. You saw that five years in the future, Kate is marrying somebody who’s not Toby… We have seen Rebecca worrying about where her health is going next.”

“So as we pick up on this birthday, a lot of those stories are getting continued, and we’re finding these characters in a different place and time,” he continued.

One of those different places and times will take us back to a time when Jack and Rebecca were parenting in the ’80s.

“Thematically,” Fogelman revealed, “they’re going to start dealing with kids exploring heavy subject matter for the first time in their lives.”

Fogelman seems confident wrapping up one of the most popular television dramas of the last decade.

“You don’t always love all the decisions a character might make,” he said, “but we’re hoping that because we tried to plan this out so far in advance that you will have felt like you’ve closed the final page on one of those sprawling family novels that we all enjoy.”

The premiere of the final season of This Is Us airs Tuesday night, Jan. 4, at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.