Thomas Sharkey, the main suspect in the murder of his influencer wife Alexis Sharkey, has killed himself.

U.S. Marshals attempting to arrest Sharkey for the 2020 killing found him dead from a gunshot wound in his daughter’s Florida home on Wednesday.

An arrest warrant for Thomas Sharkey, 50, led police to the Fort Meyers, Florida home of his daughter on Wednesday morning. When authorities knocked on the door, Sharkey’s daughter and her boyfriend came out of the house. Inside, officials found Sharkey dead of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Police said Sharkey was wanted in connection with the murder of his wife, 26-year-old Instagram star Alexis Sharkey. The influencer was last seen alive in November, the day after Thanksgiving. Friends filed a missing persons report when she didn’t arrive at a planned gathering later that week.

Her nude body was later discovered by a Houston city worker on the side of a road, dead from strangulation. In a Facebook post, Thomas Sharkey publicly mourned his wife, calling her his “one and only.”

When some of the influencer’s 30,000 followers began accusing Thomas Sharkey of foul play, he took to Instagram to defend himself.

“I have been assisting the deputies and making phone calls to fine [sic] out what happened to my wife,” he wrote in a November post. “Next time…. stop and think! And realize! You don’t know it all!”

Thomas Sharkey was found dead in an apparent suicide, nearly a year after the murder of Alexis Sharkey.
Thomas Sharkey was found dead in an apparent suicide, nearly a year after the murder of Alexis Sharkey. He died before police could arrest him. Photo credit: Instagram

Thomas Sharkey Wasn’t Cooperating

But Sharkey quickly became “evasive” during the course of the investigation, officials said Wednesday. Two weeks after his wife’s death, he had fled to Georgia as police attempted to obtain a sample of his DNA.

After tracking him down, Sharkey reportedly agreed to meet with investigators, before disappearing again.

“He came up with a very bizarre story later on about why he essentially disappeared and then a short time after that incident, he relocated to Florida,” detectives told KHOU-TV Wednesday.

“We established that there was a history of domestic violence between the two of them, the relationship was ending and there was a pending divorce,” authorities added. “There was also clear evidence that Thomas Sharkey had not been truthful about several key issues and statements that he made to police.”

It’s not immediately clear what evidence convinced authorities to issue a warrant for Thomas Sharkey’s arrest on Sept. 29, but officials were confident Wednesday that the case for his involvement in the murder would have held up in court.

“The investigation determined that Thomas Sharkey, her husband, is the only person who had the means, motive and opportunity to have committed the murder,” said Houston homicide detective Michael Burrow, adding there was “clear evidence” that Sharkey acted alone.

“I want to put out there that no one else is suspected of involvement in the case and no one else is under investigation,” Burrow added.

With Thomas Sharkey’s suicide, and no other suspects in play, the case will likely close.

Police tried to arrest Thomas Sharkey for his role in Alexis Sharkey's death, but he committed suicide before the arrest.
Police tried to arrest Thomas Sharkey for his role in Alexis Sharkey’s death, but found him dead in an apparent suicide Wednesday. Photo credit: Instagram

Relatives Believe Alexis Was Murdered

Alexis Sharkey’s loved ones do not appear to have made a public statement since the announcement that Thomas Sharkey killed himself.

At the time of her death, Alexis’ mother Stacey Clark Robinault immediately suspected foul play.

“I do believe she was murdered. Yes,” she told reporters in November. “From what I’ve been able to gather as well as a mother’s gut. I learned very young as a mom to trust my gut. It’s not let me down.”

Alexis’ friend, Tanya Ricardo, echoed Alexis’ mother’s sentiments.

“I mean, just threw her on the side of the road, naked, like garbage. I just, I don’t get it,” Ricardo said at the time. “No one gets away with something like this. No one.”