Suri Cruise just celebrated her 15th birthday, but her dad Tom Cruise was nowhere to be found. Like many birthdays before this one, the Mission Impossible star was MIA, leading fans to wonder if they have any relationship at all.

On Suri’s birthday, mom Katie Holmes posted flashback images of her daughter when she was young. Suri is Katie’s pride and joy. But the absence of Suri’s father is hard to ignore.

Katie Holmes posted three never-before-seen photos. The 15-year-old celebrated her birthday Monday and Katie took a look back at the full life she’s lived so far.

“Happy 15th Birthday Sweetheart!” Holmes captioned the post. “I love you!!!!!!!! ❤️💕😘 I can’t believe you are already 15!”

Katie Holmes With Suri Cruise
Photo Credit: Katie Holmes

According to Yahoo! Entertainment, the two are besties and spend a lot of time attached at the hip. They live in New York City, and share an incredibly close bond, Hello Magazine reported. “I love her so much,” Holmes has said. “My biggest goal has always been to nurture her into her individuality.”

Suri Cruise with Katie Holmes
Photo Credit: Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes separated in 2012 after Katie filed for divorce. Since the separation, there have been few photos of Tom and his daughter, and many wonder what happened.

Katie Holmes
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In 2010, the two used to “jump on the trampoline together,” according to People.

The actor and Scientologist loves all of his children, but “Suri [was his] fountain of youth,” he told Bild, when she was 4.

Us Weekly reported that the Church of Scientology is prohibiting Tom from seeing his youngest daughter. A former Scientologist who spoke to Us Weekly said the Church is very controlling.

Samantha Domingo, who left Scientology back in 2004, believes Tom used to plan outings with Suri so his fans would feel there was a relationship. “Maybe he did it for a photo op,” she said. It was “to make it seem like he was connected so he wouldn’t be criticized,” she continued.

Tom still has a close bond with his two older children, Isabella, and Conner, but both of them are Scientologists. A spokeswoman for the Church denied all of Domingo’s claims, regarding them as “fiction.” The spokeswoman added that “everything about your inquiry misrepresents the Church of Scientology, its practices, and the lifestyle of its ministry.”

Suri Cruise
Photo Credit: Katie Holmes