Tracy Do is suspected of drowning her 7-year-old daughter, Layla Malon, in a tragic murder-suicide last Thursday. Malon will be laid to rest in Connecticut on Friday after police found her lifeless body in her $1.8 million home in Westport, known as one of the wealthiest towns in the United States.

Layla Malon was found Thursday afternoon next to her mother, 46-year-old Tracy Do, who had “sharp-force injuries” to her torso. Both Malon and Do were found dead, in what appeared to be a murder-suicide. Do, who is suspected of drowning her daughter, reportedly killed herself right after.

Though an exact motive has not been identified by police, investigators believe that Tracy Do murder her daughter and killed herself in connection to a bitter dispute with her ex-partner, Eric John Malon, over the multi-million dollar Westport mansion.

Layla was only 7 and was said to possess “a sweetness that truly captivated people.” In her obituary posted on Monday, it was written that Layla Malon “brought smiles, laughter, and happiness to all around her.” It continued, saying that “she loved and admired her big sissy Alexis, and was her Daddy’s little girl.”

There will be a memorial for the child on Wednesday in Fairfield Center, followed by the funeral services Friday which will be held at Willowbrook Cemetery in Westport. Before Layla’s young life is officially honored, the 7-year-old girl was remembered at a makeshift memorial at the family’s home. A photo was placed outside the gate that showed Layla Malon and Tracy Do, which was surrounded by sunflowers.

The murder-suicide is being investigated, though authorities believe it is connected to a property battle between Do and Eric Malon, Layla’s father. The pair were in a relationship but never married, and were due in a virtual court hearing last Friday, a day before Do and her daughter were found dead.

According to reports, Eric Malon and Tracy Do broke up in 2018. The couple shared two children: 7-year-old Layla, and 13-year-old Alexis. The older daughter was not harmed during last week’s incident. Do lived with both daughters in the 4,457 square-foot Westport home, which is located on a private road.

The mansion, which boasts three stories, was sold in July 2010 for $515,000 but is not worth $1,768,000, according to the CT Post. A battle began in October when Tracy Do sued her ex-boyfriend for custody of their two daughters. The lawsuit claimed that Do had worked for Malon’s company for several years, but was not paid accordingly.

The lawsuit also purported that Eric Marlon promised the mansion to Do and their children when the relationship ended. In April, Marlon attempted to evict Do from the million-dollar mansion, because she didn’t pay the required $10,000 in rent.

According to the family’s neighbor in Westport, “they looked to be a very happy family.” Mark Kratter admitted that “they had a very well-manicured home with extensive Christmas decorations that populated the entire lawn on a 2-acre lot.”

The tragedy was both shocking because of the family and the history of Westport. “Fortunately, things like that do not happen in Westport,” a local police officer explained. “It’s a tragedy, our hearts go out to the family and it is devastating for the community and the family, of course.”

Police Chief Foti Koskinas said that “this is a horrible tragedy, and the police department is keeping the family as well as the community that was so deeply affected by this in our thoughts and prayers.” The investigation into Layla Malon and her mother’s death is ongoing but is currently being labeled a murder-suicide. Still, police have not ruled out other possible options.