In his first interview since the Astroworld music festival tragedy, Travis Scott told The Breakfast Club’s Charlemagne the God that he believes he did everything that he possibly could to help the victims and prevent catastrophe.

When the crowd surged the stage last month at the deadly concert, 10 people were killed and hundreds more were injured. According to reports, Travis Scott only became aware of the severity of the incident later that night. He eventually issued an apology video to his fans, offering his support and stating that he would be more than willing to pay for the funeral costs for his fallen fans.

In the video released by Charlemagne on YouTube, the rapper claimed that although he is always here for his fans, what happened at the concert was not his responsibility. He denied any wrongdoing and claims he is “1000 percent” sure he did everything he could to assist fans during the Astroworld tragedy.

“You want to make sure fans get the proper attention they need,” he said, “and anytime I could see anything like that, I did.”

He claimed that with the music in his in-ear headphones, the lights, and the pyrotechnics, he couldn’t hear or see that anyone was in danger. Despite fans climbing rafters to inform security personnel that people were getting crushed, no one from the venue alerted him either.

“It’s something I’ve been working on for a while, creating these experiences and trying to show these experiences are happening in a safe environment,” Travis Scott said. “And this night was just like a regular show. It felt like to me, as far as the energy. It didn’t feel like… people didn’t show up there just to be harmful. People just showed up to have a good time, and then something unfortunate happened. And I think we really just got to figure out what that was.”

Travis Scott, as well as Drake, who was a featured artist at the show, have been named in hundreds of lawsuits filed in the wake of the tragic concert. High-profile attorney Ben Crump will represent around 100 plaintiffs, including the family of Ezra Blount, a 9-year-old fan who passed away after being placed into a medically induced coma.

In the interview, Travis Scott conducted damage control, denying his responsibility in the security of the event and claiming that he mainly just focuses on the creative aspect.

“I bring artists, creatively produce it, and we just trust in the professionals to make sure that people are taken care of and leaving safely,” he said of the security team at NRG Park in Houston, Tx. “I just can control what I can on the stage, and then you have the professionals to control what they can in the crowd.”

Back in November, reports from the Houston Fire Department claimed that 5,000 extra concertgoers snuck into the event and prevented security from accurate crowd control. The emergency manual given to staffers at the park also did not include measures for what to do in the event of a crowd surge.

“At the end of the day, I think collectively, everyone just needs to figure out the bottom-line solution,” Travis Scott said, “especially with concert safety. We got to make sure these things are done right.”

During his interview, the rapper appeared to offer his condolences, get some heat off his name, and suggest that venue security was at fault for the tragedy. Earlier this week he responded to the lawsuits with a document claiming that he didn’t accept any responsibility for what happened.

Travis Scott sits for his first interview since the Astroworld tragedy
Travis Scott sits for his first interview since the Astroworld tragedy. Photo Credit: YouTube

“It’s not about [the litigation],” Travis stated in response to Charlamagne, who had asked him if he was hesitant to speak about the ongoing lawsuits because of what the victims are saying about him. “They’re human beings, they have emotions.”

Half of the families of the victims have turned down Travis’ offer to pay for funeral costs due to pending litigation against the rapper.

“At the end of the day, fans are family, and you just feel like you’ve lost something,” he said, mentioning that the concert took place in his hometown of Houston.

“I’ve been doing this for such a long time,” Travis Scott revealed, “and nothing like this has ever happened.”