Trisha Paddock, a Los Angeles mother of three, who collapsed at the finish line of the LA Marathon has died, according to race organizers. The 46-year-old was running in the Charity Challenge Half Marathon to raise funds for The Asian American Drug Abuse Program before tragedy struck.

“This is a devastating loss, and our deepest sympathies go out to her family and loved ones,” race organizers said in an official statement. “We are in touch with Trisha’s family and are supporting them through this very difficult time. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.”

According to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), Trisha Paddock sought medical services after crossing the finish line on Sunday, shortly after noon.

“Medical aid was quickly provided by over a dozen personnel, including LAFD Cycle Teams, and the patient was rapidly treated and transported to a local hospital,” LAFD Capt. Erik Scott stated.

Going into cardiac arrest, the Rancho Palos Verdes mom later died at the local hospital. Organizers for the race reported that it was the first death to occur at the half marathon since 2007.

Trisha Paddock was an avid runner, according to her husband, Ryan Paddock, and was exciting to raise money in the LA Marathon for The Asian American Drug Abuse Program.

“She was very passionate about no one being excluded,” her husband told NBC Los Angeles.

Trisha Paddock, her husband Ryan, and their three children
Trisha Paddock, her husband Ryan, and their three children. Photo Credit: GoFundMe

“For her it was important that life was authentic,” Ryan Paddock said. “There is such a thing as hunger, there is such a thing as race discrimination, there is such a thing as kids who are depressed.”

The couple met during a mission trip to South Africa. “We had a perfect marriage… she was a better wife than I could ever be a father… be a husband,” he told People. She was also a volunteer and president of the Palos Verdes High School Parent Teacher Student Association.

The Asian American Drug Abuse Program said an official statement following Trisha Paddock’s death that “Trisha was an avid supporter of causes that championed inclusivity, diversity, and equity, and was passionate about participating in charitable efforts that she believed in.”

“She was known by everyone to be incredibly caring and compassionate and will be remembered for her warmhearted demeanor and community volunteer work,” their statement continued.

Her husband and three children have asked for privacy at this time, following Trisha’s sudden and shocking death. She was one mile away from the finish line when she last texted her family, and she didn’t have any known health issues.

A GoFundMe page for the Paddock family has since raised over $64,000 as on Friday, far beyond their goal of $40,000. The page said Trisha Paddock suffered from a heart attack and was placed on life support before she passed.

“Anyone who knows Ryan, Trisha, or any of their amazing children knows that they are truly incredible people,” the GoFundMe page read. “Please consider donating to this special family to assist with medical bills and other critical expenses.”

“We would like to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for your generous contributions,” the page updated after crossing their goal. “Ryan tells us that he is truly grateful for the outpouring of love and support to his family.”

Trisha Paddock’s three children are reportedly between 14 and 20. They plan to walk in the LA Marathon next year to honor their mother.

Her daughter Hannah said that “Knowing her was proof that she had a big heart.”