Escaped inmates Tyree Jackson and Lewis Wendell Evans III were apprehended Sunday, after stealing a van in Friday’s Georgia jail break. Five inmates escaped the Pulaski County Detention Center, including Tyree Jackson, 27, and Lewis Wendell Evans III, 22. Three others remain at large.

The search will continue for Tyree Williams Jr., 33, Brandon Pooler, 24, and Dennis Penix Jr., 26, all with violent histories. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, two of the three inmates evading capture were convicted on murder.

Both men were caught in Warner Robins, picked up by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. They escaped around 11:15 p.m. Friday night in a white 2015 Kia Sedona van, according to authorities. The van was stolen from the jailhouse’s parking lot in Hawkinsville, around 50 miles south of Macon, Ga.

Authorities are unaware of what happened to let five inmates escape or how they came in possession of two tasers. According to Sheriff Danny Brannen, the inmates were supposed to be locked up at 11 p.m., but only two jailers were working that night.

One of the two jailers was in a cell talking to an inmate, Sheriff Brannen said, when another inmate attacked the other. The jailers were not named and reportedly not hurt, but Captain Larry Jackson said that the vehicle stolen was one of theirs.

Last week, an inmate at Riker’s Island in New York attempted to escape using the same method, but was caught in the parking lot.

The jailhouse issued a “Blue Alert,” which according to the National Blue Alert Network is the police signal used to “rapidly disseminate information to law enforcement agencies” in the “apprehension of violent criminals who have killed, or seriously injured an officer in the line of duty.”

Though neither of the jailers were harmed in the escape, “Blue Alerts” can also be issued “when a suspect poses an imminent and credible threat to law enforcement, or when an officer is missing in the line of duty.”

Images of the five escaped Georgia inmates Tyree Jackson Lewis, Wendell Evans III, Tyree Williams Jr., Brandon Pooler, and Dennis Penix Jr.
Images of the five escaped Georgia inmates Tyree Jackson, Lewis Wendell Evans III, Tyree Williams Jr., Brandon Pooler, and Dennis Penix Jr. Photo Credit: Georgia Department of Public Safety

Traveling by car, it’s possible that the three remaining inmates are now far away from the jailhouse, though it is unclear why the two who were apprehended decided to stop in Warner Robins. It’s also possible that the three remaining inmates are in Warner Robins, as well, however authorities have not given any information as to their potential whereabouts.

“I’m thinking they’re not in Hawkinsville no more,” Sheriff Brannen told Daily Mail. Warner Robins, where two of the inmates were apprehended, is a half-hour north of Hawkinsville.

Tyree Williams Jr., one of the escaped inmates, was charged in July 2020 in a deadly Pulaski County home invasion. He was arrested after entering the house of 39-year-old William Anthony Whitehead, and killing him while his family was still home.

Brandon Pooler, another of the escapees, was charged with child cruelty, while Dennis Penix Jr. was accused of double homicide during a drug deal.

According to Fox News, Tyree Williams, Jr., 33, is 5-feet-6-inches tall, weighs 160 pounds, with brown eyes, and black hair; Brandon Pooler, 24, is 6-feet-1-inch tall, weighs 215 pounds, with brown eyes, and black hair; and Dennis Penix, Jr., 28, is 5-feet-9-inches tall, weighs 165 pounds, with brown eyes, and black hair.

The U.S. Marshals Service is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for any information on the location of the three missing inmates. Anyone spotting the stolen car with the license plate number CMP-862 is directed to call “911” and refrain from approaching the vehicle at all costs. The missing men have been deemed “dangerous” and possess two stun guns stolen from the detention facility.