A Ukrainian woman, who is using the pseudonym Natalya, said that a group of drunk Russian troops killed her husband and raped her while her 4-year-old son was crying in the next room. The 33-year-old mother said the gang-rape happened on March 9 when the Russian troops stormed into her home.

“[The younger soldier] told me to take my clothes off. Then they both raped me, one after the other,” Natalya told the UK Times. ‘They didn’t care that my son was in the boiler room crying. “They told me to go shut him up and come back. All the time they held the gun to my head and taunted me, saying: “How do you think she sucks it? Shall we kill her or keep her alive?”‘

Natalya, her husband, and young son lived near the Shevchenkove village in the Brovary district, outside Kyiv, Ukraine, before the Russian soldiers stormed their home. The Ukrainian woman said that she had hung a white sheet in front of their home to let soldiers know that “there is just a family here and no one wants any harm.”

She added that the Russian troops made them leave their home with their hands above their heads and even shot their dog. Natalya believed the commander, who told her his name was Mikhail Romanov, appeared drunk and purposely crashed her car so she couldn’t leave.

“This younger guy pulled [a] gun to my head and said: ‘I shot your husband because he’s a Nazi,” Natalya claimed. “You’d better shut up or I’ll get your child and show him his mother’s brains spread around the house.”

Natalya Russian troops
A Ukrainian woman named Natalya said she was raped by Russian troops on March 9. The 33-year-old also said they killed her husband. (Credit: Shutterstock.com)

After allegedly being gang-raped for hours, Natalya found her son frozen in fear. The two troops came back 20 minutes later, and they reportedly raped her again. Then some of the Russian men fell asleep in her kitchen because of how drunk they were.

“Eventually both of them fell asleep in the chairs. I crept into the boiler room and told my son we have to run away really fast, or we will get shot,” Natalya told the UK Times. “While I was opening the gate, my son was standing next to his father’s body, but it was dark … he did not understand it was his father.”

Mother and son were able to escape their home and are currently staying in Ternopil, Ukraine. The 33-year-old already had other family members sheltering there and that was where she spoke to the UK Times on the phone.

Natalya said that her son doesn’t know his father is dead and still asks about him. “He doesn’t understand much … In the playground here, he goes up to people and says that we had to leave our house because there was war and there were bandits in the house, but that Papa stayed behind. He doesn’t know his father is dead,” she added.

The 33-year-old woman said that she is not able to bury her husband because Russian soldiers are still occupying her town. The Ukrainian couple was planning on celebrating their wedding anniversary next month. She is unsure if she’ll ever be able to return home because of all the bad memories.

Natalya’s rape is currently being investigated by Ukraine’s prosecutor general Iryna Venediktova. The prosecutor said that there have been a handful of rapes in Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

Ukraine Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that the Ukrainian government are looking to report all rapes to the International Criminal Court. The rapes will be considered war crimes.