Umida Nazarova’s family is mourning her death after the young woman died in a Belarus accident during a job interview at a factory. Nazarova’s long hair got caught in one of the machines and she was killed. Her family wants justice for their daughter and her unborn child.

According to reports, Umida Nazarova was on a job interview when the Belarus accident happened. A worker was showing her around the Svarmet factory in Borisov, which produces metal welding wire and electrodes. The worker turned their back for a minute and when they looked, Nazarova was on the ground unconscious.

“Her hair got wrapped around her neck and she was pulled into the mechanism,” her mother, Olga, told East2West News. “If her scalp had not been torn off, she would have been strangled there and then by her own hair.”

Witnesses say that Umida Nazarova was never given a hat or anything to cover up despite her long hair, which was dangerous on the factory floor. The 21-year-old died on the scene from her injuries. She was seven weeks pregnant at the time of her death.

“They took two lives, she was seven weeks pregnant,” said her father, Dmitry. “They saw she had long hair, so why didn’t they give her something to cover it?”

The Svarmet factory later paid for the young woman’s funeral.

Umida Nazarova Belarus accident
Umida Nazarova died after her hair got caught in a machine at a factory in Belarus. Her family is mourning the 21-year-old’s death (Credit:

The Belarus Investigative Committee conducted an investigation into the accident and determined that the factory’s head of production was at fault for Umida Nazarova’s death. The identity of the head of production has not been released.

A court found the employee guilty of “‘failure to fulfill her official duties due to dishonest and negligent attitude…causing the death of a person.” The employee was sentenced, but it is unclear for how long.

Olga and Dmitry said they never wished for their daughter’s life to end this way. The Belarus couple was looking forward to the young woman’s wedding and later taking home their granddaughter or grandson from the hospital.

Olga said she “wanted to celebrate her wedding and collect a grandson or granddaughter from the hospital — not this. This is not what I wanted for my child.”

A similar freak accident happened at a fireworks factory in India on Saturday. The factory, which is located in Virudhunagar district of Tamil Nadu, caught fire around 8:30 p.m. One worker was pronounced dead, and two others were injured. The owner of the factory has been arrested.

The dead worker was identified as D Arumugham, 52, of Sankaramangalam village. His body was taken to Virudhunagar medical college hospital for an autopsy. The injured workers, Gobendran, 33, and K Deivendran,32, were taken to the Sivakasi government hospital to be treated for burns. Gobendran reportedly has burns over 70% of his body.

It is unclear how the fire started, but local police have started an investigation. Fires at fireworks factories are not uncommon in the region. On January 1, 2022, four workers were killed and eight injured after another explosion at a different fireworks factory in the district. Police have opened up an investigation into that fire.

Statistics show that 162 people from India died from industrial accidents in 2021. IndustriALL Global Union, which is based in Geneva, Switzerland, and supports over 50 million industrial workers in 140 countries, says that the growing number of accidents are because the government has relaxed factory inspections and licensing.

They say there was an average of seven accidents reported in India per month in 2021. Many of these freak accidents resulted in permanent disability or injury.

They said, “In the last five years, the government has relaxed inspections and licensing to allow self-certification and has exempted some companies from reporting on health and safety to ease business and support small enterprise. Low investment in health and safety, old and decrepit machinery and a lack of training for operating machinery [also] adds to the danger to workers.”

IndustriALL Global Union fears that the Belarus accident and industrial accidents seen in India will only increase in 2022.