Vito Cangini was accused of murdering his wife, Natalia Kyrychok, after she changed her mind and refused to have sex with him. The 80-year-old was arrested on Sunday in Fanano di Gradara, Italy. Police continue to investigate.

Cangini was taken to Villa Fastiggi prison after he confessed to police and has been charged with voluntary homicide.

According to reports, Kyrychok was murdered sometime between Christmas Day and Dec. 26. The Ukranian woman supposedly agreed to have sex with Cangini, causing the man to take a Viagra, before she changed her mind.

The couple got into a fight and Vito Cangini accused his wife of being in love with her boss. Before her death, Natalia Kyrychok had worked as a restaurant waitress for two years. She had been living in Italy for over 20 years, and Cangini had previously lived in Germany where he was a welder. He is a native of Sarsina, Italy.

Officers say that the Italian man then stabbed his wife four times, once in the heart, and left her on their bedroom floor while he went to bed. The next morning, Cangini got up like nothing happened. He ate breakfast and walked his dog twice before notifying someone that his wife was dead.

Reports say that the 80-year-old originally told a neighbor about the murder and asked them to call the police. When the neighbor refused, because he didn’t want to get involved with the crime, Cangini told an unknown woman who called the house looking for his wife. She allegedly didn’t believe him.

Finally, Vito Cangini called his wife’s workplace and spoke to her boss. He allegedly told him, “I know there was something going on with you,” and “you’ll never see her again.” This prompted the restaurant owner to call the police.

Officers reportedly went to the home of Vito Cangini and Natalia Kyrychok and found the wife’s body. Cangini told police that he killed “because she did not want to have sex.” Before his wife’s murder, Vito Cangini had a clean record.

A trial has not been set for the Italian man.

Two similar crimes happened in Egypt last week. A woman killed her ex-husband while they were having sex because he planned on marrying another woman. According to police reports, the Egyptian woman, who has not been named, planned the killing and was unhappy that her former husband was going to get remarried despite her already having a new husband.

She said, “I lured him into the apartment to have sex. While we were in the act, I tied him up and stabbed him multiple times.”

The couple reportedly got divorced last year after suffering some financial problems. They continued to have an affair despite their separation.

Neighbors became aware of the crime when they noticed a bad smell coming from the woman’s apartment. Like the murder of Natalia Kyrychok, the ex-wife had left her ex-husband’s body in the apartment. Police had to break down the door to gain access to the room and they found the body drenched in blood.

Officers were able to locate the ex-wife based on CCTV footage. The woman later confessed to the crime when confronted with the evidence. It is unclear if she has been charged with anything.

A 31-year-old Egyptian husband also killed his wife last week because she had “growing sexual needs.” The names of the suspect and the victim haven’t been identified and according to police the brutal murder happened when the couple was having sex.

The husband strangled his 27-year-old wife, sat next to her body for two hours before leaving the corpse in the apartment and traveling to a village in the Beni Suef Governorate region.