Wendy Williams is facing severe backlash after making inappropriate comments about Swavy, also known as Matima Miller, during her morning talk show. The 19-year-old TikTok sensation was murdered on July 5, and Wendy took time on her show to discuss his death. She made jokes at his expense, getting applause from the audience, before revealing he was shot and killed.

Twitter is in an uproar, many threatening to “cancel” Wendy for her remarks, which users deemed offensive and demeaning to the young star who tragically lost his life. The episode of The Wendy Williams Show, which aired on July 7, has garnered more than 150,000 views on YouTube and has 4,500 dislikes (more than double the amount of likes).

Comments below the video rip Wendy Williams apart, with the top comment coming from Internet personality King Chris. “The audacity,” the YouTuber wrote. “It’s already hard for me to fathom the fact bro gone n here she is using his name while trying to make this tragedy a comedy.”

In the episode, Wendy cycles through news topics until about 13 minutes in, when she changes gears to the tragic demise of the famous TikToker. Wendy prefaced the bit by admitting that “I have no idea who this is, neither does Norman, neither does one person in this building.”

Instead of beginning with the revelation of his death, Wendy first asks her audience if they know Swavy, also known as Babyface.S on TikTok. She forces her audience to clap if they knew the Internet phenomenon, and when few do, she turns to DJ Suss.

“Nah,” Suss says. “It’s not my cup of tea.” The audience then roars with laughter as Wendy Williams explains that Swavy is a TikTok star with “more followers than me.”

“2.5 Million,” Wendy admits of the late social media star, before Norman jumps in, pointing out that Swavy only beats the talk show host “on TikTok.”

“On Instagram, you have more followers,” Norman butts in, which garners sizeable applause. Wendy and her MC go back and forth, joking about TikTok and Instagram, to which the audience groans, laughs, and claps on command.

After the minute-long skit, Wendy Williams finally reveals that Matima Miller, 19, was murdered on Monday morning, setting the gloomy mood that fans wished Wendy set in the first place. Instead, she garnered laughs at Miller’s expense, and Twitter wants the TV personality to pay.

“She is so hateful,” one Twitter user wrote, the post getting nearly 14,000 likes. “Like, she basically treated the announcement of his death like it was funny gossip. Why disparage him? Why even talk about him at all if you and your audience are that removed from even knowing who he is? She really coaxed laughter from the audience before announcing this young man’s murder.”

The main post, which has garnered over 81,000 likes and 4.7 million views, shows the clip of Wendy William’s talk show, as she demeans Swavy. Hundreds of thousands of upset fans used the platform to oust Wendy Williams, essentially “canceling” her.

“Wait. This was how she chose to lead the segment talking about this young man’s death?” One Twitter commenter asked. “We all know Wendy to be messy and with the s–ts, but this wasn’t cool at all. I don’t know this man, but may he rest in peace. I’m sorry his friends and family had to see this. Wow…”

The Swavy case is still under investigation, and authorities are trying to understand what happened to the TikTok star. The suspected murderer admitted to killing Matima Miller on Instagram Live, after a late-night confrontation with the TikToker and his friends. The suspect claims he learned Miller was planning to kill him, so he took out his gun and shot first. Police have not yet confirmed this series of events.

Wendy Williams is facing backlash for demeaning the tragedy of his death on her talk show Wednesday. Swavy, AKA Babyface.S, was shot and killed Monday morning in Wilmington, Delaware.
Wendy Williams is facing backlash for demeaning the tragedy of his death on her talk show Wednesday. Swavy, AKA Babyface.S, was shot and killed Monday morning in Wilmington, Delaware. Photo Credit: Instagram

Followers around the world have begun to mourn Swavy, who always made people smile. Internet personality, Kid Maury, used his platform to grieve the loss of the famed TikToker. In a viral video, Damaury “Kid Maury” Mikula announced Swavy’s death, claiming he saw his friend “get taken out,” admitting that it “don’t make no sense.”

Wendy Williams has not commented on her remarks and is currently riding out the hateful backlash. It’s unclear the damage to Wendy’s reputation, but many on Twitter do not seem to be letting this incident go.

“Black Twitter agreeing to cancel Wendy Williams around the table after watching that video…” one post read, though that post has since found Wendy defenders, who claim “canceling” her “for that lil 1-minute clip” is wrong.