Amber Miller died Sunday after being mauled by a pack of dogs six days earlier. The incident, which occurred in Cocke County, Tennessee, is being investigated by authorities. The Cocke County Sheriff’s Office revealed that two deadly animal attacks have occurred in the same area just months apart, including Miller’s mauling on July 12.

According to her mother, Cindy Miller, Amber succumbed to her injuries after being attacked by a pack of dogs. Cindy Miller said her daughter “suffered tremendously” before she passed away on July 18. On a GoFundMe page, Cindy Miller explained that she is looking for help covering funeral expenses for Amber, who was only 29 years old when she tragically died.

“Hi, my name is Cindy and I am asking for help with funeral expenses for my 29-year-old daughter, Amber Miller, who passed away July 18, 20021 at 5 p.m. after being attacked by a pack of dogs on July 12th,” the GoFundMe post read. “Amber suffered tremendously and fought her best but was overcome in her fight to live. Please give what you can for funeral expenses she will also have a lot of medical bills coming. Anything is appreciated. Thanks so much for caring.”

The page raised $595 as of Wednesday morning since it was created on July 20, two days after Amber Miller passed away. According to Miller’s great aunt, Regina Jozefek, Amber Miller was in the hospital for six days after being mauled, and doctors worked tirelessly to save her life.

Amber Miller was mauled by a pack of dogs on July 12 and spent six grueling days in the hospital before succumbing to her injuries six days later. The Cocke County Sheriff's Office is investigating her death, along with a second incident near Jimtown Road
Amber Miller was mauled by a pack of dogs on July 12 and spent six grueling days in the hospital before succumbing to her injuries six days later. The Cocke County Sheriff’s Office is investigating her death, along with a second incident near Jimtown Road. Photo Credit: GoFundMe

“They worked on her six to eight hours every day,” Jozefek admitted. “They said she had so many wounds that they could not even count them.” Amber Miller’s great aunt continued, detailing the 29-year-old’s gruesome days in the hospital leading up to her death.

“My head is still kind of scrambled and like I said, I know that’s it’s done. And I prayed with her and I believe she’s okay now, I believe she’s in a better place and she’s not suffering,” Jozefek explained. She said Miller spent six days fighting for her life at UT Medical Center before her injuries won over.

According to reports, Amber Miller was mauled near Jimtown Road, though police have not identified the animals present in the attack. This is the second deadly animal attack in the Newport area in the last few months and both are being investigated by the Cocke County Sheriff’s office.  

On April 1, a man was mauled to death by what authorities suspect was a pack of dogs. Police believe that the incidents are connected. Deputies from the Cocke County Sheriff’s Office said the attacks were “of similar nature” and both happened near Jimtown Road.

In a press release posted on Facebook, the Cocke County Sheriff’s Office explained that both animal attacks are under “a strong investigation.” Just before Amber Miller passed, the office wrote that “a similar incident occurred on the same road on April 1, 2021, that resulted in the death of Tony Ahrens. Due to this being an active investigation, other names and specific details are not being released.”

It continued, saying that “officers are working diligently, collecting evidence and statements.” While the officers are currently investigating the incident, some, including Amber Mill’s great aunt, are not happy with the delay.

“I just think that’s horrible,” she told WATE. “Because that’s something that could have been prevented. Three dogs. Big dogs. My main objective now is getting us out there and getting some justice.”

According to a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office, the type of animal or animals that attacked Amber Miller is still being investigated. An autopsy of Miller’s body is being conducted, which will help reveal more information about the nature of the attack.

In a response to an outpour of anger and frustration at the Cocke County Sheriff’s Office, the law enforcement agency wrote in a second Facebook post that “considering the amount of false and misleading information of the animal attacks, we ask that the public just listens to what law enforcement releases to the public. Individuals are making assumptions and non-facts of this investigation and will not provide accurate information.”

It continued, explaining that “these families need closure and respect. The investigation on both attacks is under a strong investigation and long hours are worked each day. The more we put out to the public could devastate the case. We will release as much as we can when feasible but we will not release anything that could jeopardize this case. The first case is not closed and was under investigation and is still ongoing. Autopsy results are not complete and can only be released to next of kin.”

The sheriff’s office asked that if anyone from the community has any information that may help in the case to please come forward. People are asked to call the sheriff’s office and to refrain from addressing the case on social media.