Corinna Slusser’s mother, Sabina Tuorto, has been looking for her daughter for four years. Ever since the 18-year-old ran off to New York City, got involved in a Bronx sex ring and then mysteriously disappeared, her mother has been desperately searching for the lost teenager.

While Slusser’s pimp has been arrested for sex trafficking, he claimed that he didn’t know where the 18-year-old was. Her disappearance has now gone viral online.

The trouble first started in Nov. 2017. According to her mother, Corinna Slusser ran off to New York after an unidentified older man whom she met on the Internet promised a place to stay. The teen jumped at the chance, but police reports say that she soon got involved in a Queens based prostitution ring.

According to hometown friends, Slusser was ready to leave Bloomsburg, Pa. They say that the town was just too small for her and it caused her to act out. By her senior year of high school, the young girl was actively drinking, using drugs and even tried to kill herself.

“She was getting into trouble. She got fines, underage drinking. Honestly, I noticed that everything was changing with her,’’ Tuorto said. “She was kind of out of control. I didn’t know how to handle her by myself.”

The ex-cheerleader soon dropped out of school and ended up on the streets of New York.

On Aug. 25 2017, Corinna Slusser filed a report against notorious pimp Yhovanny Peguero for stealing $300 from her and then pushing her up against a wall and choking her. According to reports, Peguero had allegedly been selling Slusser as a prostitute.

The young girl received a temporary restraining order against Peguero, but it didn’t stop the Bronx based pimp from manipulating her.

Text exchanged between the two of them show that Peguero continued to text the young girl and tried to get her to work for him again. He kept on saying that no one else knew her like he did.

He texted, “I know everything about u that the next guy probably didn’t even bother asking. Like your favorite color, food, or even your birthday. It f–ks with you. We just went through a very bad experience. Honestly sweetheart if u would’ve just stuck to the plan that I had for us we would’ve never had that.”

The 35-year-old pimp alleged that if they made an agreement, he would take care of her. 

Corinna Slusser went missing in 2017 after reports say that she got involved in a Queens based prostitution ring. (Credit: Instagram)

The pimp had allegedly been putting the young girl’s photos on websites known to sell sex and bringing her to dirty hotel rooms filled with eager clients. After their falling out, Slusser turned to another pimp, Ishi Woney.

On Sept. 20 2017, Woney and Slusser reportedly had a falling out and Woney left the girl at the Haven Motel in Queens. The room she was staying in was paid for by another unknown man. The young girl allegedly kept on texting Peguero to come and save her, but the pimp kept on trying to get Corinna Slusser to obey him before he would rescue her. Slusser refused and that was the last time she was seen.

According to her mother, Corinna Slusser texted her and said she was ready to come home. She never answered her mother after that text. Tuorto is praying that her daughter is still alive after all these years.

“Corinna is all I think about,” she said. “I can never feel happy. It takes every bit of my energy just to get up every day.”

Her mom, Sabina Tuorto continues to look for her daughter and hopes that she is still alive. (Credit: Instagram)
Her mom, Sabina Tuorto continues to look for her daughter and hopes that she is still alive. (Credit: Instagram)

Slusser’s Instagram page, which has been inactive since Sept. 10, 2017, is being flooded with comments from friends and strangers hoping to reach her. They wish for her safe return home and tell her that whatever trouble she got in will be forgiven if she just lets them know if she is alive.

One former friend wrote, “You could still get your degree with me at IUP. You can become an advocate for sexual trafficking you have a future. You don’t ever have to come back to Bloomsburg and you still have so many options… You’re so young.. If you see this call me. I have the same number and snap.”

Other Internet sleuths have even started to comb over the young girl’s pictures hoping that there will be some clues that could lead to her location.

Sex-trafficking experts say that if Corinna Slusser is alive she is probably being manipulated by someone through isolation.

“I’ve worked with a number of victims who, while they were trafficked, their trafficker had absolute control over their ability to communicate,  and isolation is an extremely effective way to maintain control over someone, ” said Lori Cohen, CEO of the anti-child-sex-trafficking group ECPAT-USA. 

Woney was arrested in 2019 for sex trafficking and sexually exploiting young women. He received 15 years in prison. Peguero was arrested in 2018 for promoting prostitution and cocaine possession in June 2021. He received two years in prison. Both men say that they have no idea where Corinna Slusser is.