Stanford student and young soccer star Katie Meyer was found dead in her dorm room on Tuesday, as authorities and loved ones try to piece together what happened.

A 22-year-old senior at Stanford University, Katie Meyer helped her team win the NCAA championship title back in 2019. She was the team’s goalkeeper and majored in international relations.

Appearing on the Today show Friday morning, Katie’s mother, Gina Meyer, revealed that her daughter’s cause of death was self-inflicted. In the emotional interview, her parents Steve and Gina told NBC News‘ Stephanie Gosk that their daughter “died by suicide,” just days away from graduation.

Katie Meyer, 22, was an up-and-coming soccer star about to graduate from Stanford University
Katie Meyer, 22, was an up-and-coming soccer star about to graduate from Stanford University. Photo Credit: Instagram

“The last couple days are like a parent’s worst nightmare and you don’t wake up from it,” Katie’s mother said. “So, it’s just horrific. I don’t even think it’s hit us yet. We’re still in shock. But we had no red flags.”

Searching for answers, her parents said they believed that Katie was about to face disciplinary action for some event that took place on campus, but the family only revealed bits and pieces of an alleged altercation with another student.

“Katie, being Katie, was defending a teammate on campus over an incident and the repercussions of her defending that teammate (were possibly resulting in disciplinary action),” her father said.

“She had been getting letters for a couple months,” her mother explained, adding that she had not seen them personally. “This letter was kind of the final letter that there was going to be a trial or some kind of something. This is the only thing that we can come up with that triggered something.”

In response to Katie’s parents’ claims, Stanford University released a statement saying that they were not able to disclose potential disciplinary actions regarding the incident.

“Our entire community is devastated by Katie’s death, and we share our deepest condolences with Katie’s family and everyone who knew her at Stanford, across the country and around the world. Katie touched so many lives,” the statement read. “We are not able to share information about confidential student disciplinary matters. We as a university community continue to grieve with Katie’s family and cherish our memories of her.”

Questioning everything, her mother and father now wonder if she faced too much pressure at school while also competing in sports, and if there was anything more that they could have done.

Stanford University in California, where Katie Meyer attended school
Stanford University in California, where Katie Meyer attended school. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Her parents said that she was in good spirits on their last call, just hours before her death, and that she was “just the usual jovial Katie.”

“I’ve never seen someone who’s put so much heart and soul into so many different aspects of her life,” one of Katie’s friends, senior Sierra Enge, told TODAY.

They hope to uncover what happened between her and the university, which they were unaware of since their daughter was over the age of 18 and treated like an adult at the school.

“We’re just struggling right now,” Gina Meyer said. “We are struggling to know what happened, and why it happened. We’re just heartbroken, so heartbroken.”

As of Friday morning, a GoFundMe for the soccer star had raised over $144,246.

Gina Meyer wore one of her daughter’s cardinal red sweatshirts to the Today interview on Friday, saying that it made her feel like she was physically close to her daughter.

“I know it’s going to sound crazy, but every mom is going to understand this,” she said, breaking into tears. “When you smell it, it smells like her, it smells like Katie, just her scent. I’m wearing it because I just feel I want to be close to her.”