The Pentagon went into lockdown on Tuesday morning after a Pentagon shooting broke out at a nearby Metro station. Authorities with the Pentagon Force Protection Agency announced the lockdown via Twitter, explaining that the facility is “currently on lockdown due to an incident at the Pentagon Transit Center.”

It wasn’t immediately clear what happened at the Transit Center or whether anyone was injured during the Pentagon shooting. Authorities did not comment on the number of victims, though they did request that the public avoid the area for the time being.

“We are asking the public to please avoid the area,” the initial Twitter post read. “More information will be forthcoming.”

About an hour after initiating the lockdown, the Pentagon reopened and lifted the lockdown. A subsequent announcement claimed that “the scene of the incident is secure,” but that “it is still an active crime scene.” Authorities wrote that “we request that everyone stay away from the Metro rail entrance and bus platform area. Transportation at the Pentagon is diverted to Pentagon City.”

Pentagon shooting sparks chaos in and around facility. Pentagon Force Protection Agency issues lockdown. Victim identities have not been revealed.
Pentagon shooting sparks chaos in and around the facility. Pentagon Force Protection Agency issues lockdown. Victim identities have not been revealed. Photo Credit: Twitter

Ten minutes later, the Pentagon Force Protection Agency explained that “the Pentagon has lifted the lockdown and has reopened.” It continued, saying that “Corridor 2 and the Metro entrance remains closed. Corridor 3 is open for pedestrian traffic.”

According to an Associated Press reporter, shots were fired near the building, though where exactly the Pentagon shooting occurred has not been revealed. Another journalist recalled hearing “shooter” loudly before chaos erupted. The transit center where the shooting took place is very close to the Pentagon.

A spokeswoman for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority explained that Metrobuses are being diverted from the transit hub and will be bypassing the Pentagon Transit Center for the time being. It is not clear when normal operations will resume. The spokeswoman said that the reason for the disturbance is “due to an active police investigation on the Pentagon Reservation.”

People on social media were confused by the Pentagon’s announcement. One user said they thought the Pentagon was always on lockdown. “Isn’t the Pentagon always secure?” the commenter wrote.

Someone replied, explaining that it wasn’t the facility itself that was not secure but “the transit area.” Another person clarified that “the Pentagon itself [was] locked down” due to the issue at the Transit Center.

Arlington Fire & EMS responded at the scene. In a post on Twitter, the department explained that units were “responding to a reported active violence incident in the area of the Pentagon Metro.” It posted an update a few minutes later saying that the “scene is still active, ACFD did encounter multiple patients. NFI on patient status will be provided.”

The Arlington Fire & EMS responded to the Pentagon shooting. It’s still not clear how many victims were affected or what condition they are in. The department did confirm that they had patients at the Pentagon Transit Center, but it’s not clear if those victims sustained bullet wounds or a different kind of injury.

The Arlington Fire & EMS have not provided an update on the victims of the Pentagon shooting. The conditions of the victims have not been revealed either and it’s unclear if any arrests have been made. The investigation is ongoing.

The shooting near the Pentagon has sparked chaos in the Washington D.C. area. Metrorail services have been diverted across the city. The Metrorail Info Twitter account posted an announcement. “Blue/Yellow Line Alert: Trains are temporarily bypassing Pentagon due to a police investigation at Pentagon. Shuttle buses requested,” the post read.

This is a developing story. We will continue to update you as new information emerges.