The Redneck Rave in Kentucky turned deadly after a man’s throat was slit following a drunken spat. The country music festival, deemed the “coolest thing” by the event’s organizer, was a chaotic mess, according to reports. The five-day event boasted mass arrests, drunken fights, various charges, and gruesome injuries. But people still want to go back in October.

The aptly named Redneck Rave in Kentucky, which was held from June 16 – 20 in Blue Holler Offroad Park, was the Sheriff’s worst nightmare. Edmonson County Sheriff, Shane Doyle, knew it was going to be a doozy after police found meth, marijuana, and an opened bottle of alcohol on their first traffic stop. One passenger had outstanding warrants for his arrest, and Doyle had a feeling the weekend would be a wild ride.

“We were like, ‘Well, this doesn’t bode well for the weekend,” Doyle said. By the end of the concert, 48 people had been charged, 14 were arrested, and several others were injured, including one death at the hands of a “friend.”

Though the victim has not been identified, one participant had his throat slit by a friend during a drunken fight. The suspect is still at large, and though he was described as a good friend of the victim, no other information about his identity was revealed.

At another point during the concert, a woman was strangled during a fight over a blanket. The 29-year-old suspect was arrested by sheriff’s deputies, though he denies that he did anything wrong. He was identified as Lancer Hodges. Investigators inspected the woman’s neck, which appeared to show signs of fingerprints and pressure. The woman allegedly passed out during the ordeal and also had scratches on her neck and face.

Redneck Raves are chaotic! This year, 48 participants were charged and 14 were arrested for felony offenses.
Redneck Raves are chaotic! This year, 48 participants were charged and 14 were arrested for felony offenses. Screenshot: YouTube

There were plenty of accidents at the Redneck Rave, too, including a man who was impaled by a log, after driving a vehicle over the 2-to-3 inch-thick piece of wood. “When it tried to come out through his back it was stopped by a steel plate in his seat,” Shane Doyle said. The man is being treated at the local hospital and was transported there with the branch still inside him. He is expected to survive.

Among other crazy stories from the country music festival: some partiers suffered severed fingers, broken bones, dislocated joints, and severe lacerations. The event, which featured music and booze, is being called “America’s wildest and craziest country party.”

This isn’t the first Redneck Rave chaos. Last year, two Redneck Raves were organized, and at least one person died during the festivities. Doyle was the sheriff during those concerts, too, and told the Herald-Leader that during the event his staff was “overwhelmed.” In preparation for this year’s Redneck Rave, Doyle ordered all his deputies to work mandatory overtime and he requested assistance from the Kentucky State Police.

“There were so many intoxicated people, we just decided, ‘If dispatch sends an ambulance in, we’re sending a deputy in with them,’” Doyle said, who was forced to dispatch additional units when the chaos lead to another injury or death.

On top of the various injuries, the police department had to deal with several drug-related offenses, including drug trafficking involved with the rave. Despite the arrests, charges, injuries, and even death, Redneck Rave’s organizers announced on Facebook that the next party will be held in October.

“The concert at Redneck Rave 2021 looked like an entire city… was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” the Facebook post read. “ Thank you to the police & fire department for working with us to make everything run as smooth as we can. We can definitely improve on a lot of things to make the one in October run a lot better.”

The post continued, explaining that “we are listening to all your suggestions. This was the biggest event we’ve ever done and with as many people and random things that popped up unexpectedly I feel like we all handled it very well.”

For those skeptical about the concert’s so-called “success,” the post addressed them, saying that “for the negative Nancy’s… we will put a complaint box by the porta johns next time for ya. With all that being said… I personally wanna say thank you to everyone who’s ever believed in what we’re doing.”

The post ended with excitement for the next Redneck Rave. “We have something great going and I can’t wait to see where this train leads to!” the post concluded.

So, who’s going?