Update: Tanya Fear was located, according to The Sun. LAPD detectives claimed they found the missing actress. Tanya’s family, however, said that authorities have yet to contact them to relay the news. Tanya’s cousin told reporters that until the actress’s mother sees her daughter, she won’t fully believe that she’s been found. Tanya’s father, who lives in Germany, explained to reporters that he was not aware that his daughter had been found.

A large-scale manhunt for Tanya Fear has begun after the Doctor Who actress disappeared. The 31-year-old, who appeared in movies such as Kick-Ass 2 and A Moving Image, was reported missing Thursday, Sept. 9. She had only just moved to L.A. California, according to her manager, Alex Cole.

As part of the manhunt, friends took to Los Angeles streets to put up “missing persons” posters. And her family, who reportedly still lives in the U.K., started a Twitter account dedicated to finding the Doctor Who star. The account, @FindTanyaFear, recently posted a press release from the Los Angeles Police Department.

Who is Tanya Fear? The 'Doctor Who' star has gone missing in Los Angeles, just two months after she moved there.
Who is Tanya Fear? The ‘Doctor Who’ star has gone missing in Los Angeles, just two months after she moved there. Photo Credit: IMDb

According to the press release, “Tanya Fear left her Hollywood Bowl apartment on Thursday, Sept. 9 without her cell phone and purse. She was reported missing by a friend.”

The statement continued, explaining that “Tanya’s family” later contacted the “UK Foreign Office” and a “local LAPD police officer was deployed to visit Tanya’s house but the actor was not home.” It was said that she was last seen on Thursday, Sept. 9, at around 10:00 p.m. LA time.

“We are deeply worried about Tanya’s whereabouts,” said her Uncle, Jonathan Marimo. “She is a bubbly, intelligent young woman who studied at Christ Hospital Boarding School and Kings College University in London.”

The press release confirmed that Tanya’s family is launching an independent investigation and are “applying for visas to travel to L.A.” Tanya’s mother, Yvonne Marimo, explained that she was “devasted about this situation.” She appealed to “anyone with information to please come forward to bring our daughter back home safely.”

The large-scale manhunt for Tanya Fear continued into Monday after the actress was still missing as of Monday afternoon.
The large-scale manhunt for Tanya Fear continued into Monday after the actress was still missing as of Monday afternoon. Photo Credit: Twitter

The actress reportedly moved to L.A. after scoring major roles in Doctor Who and A Moving Image. She was a “BAFTA” newcomer, according to the press release. She was trying to “further her career in acting, screenwriting, and comedy.” It was reported that prior to her disappearance, Tanya Fear was performing stand-up comedy in and around L.A.

In a previous Twitter post, the dedicated account announced that Tanya “was last seen wearing a short-sleeved brown collared fitted top with a few buttons at the top and dark plaid pants.” It was also said that the actress was 5 foot 4 and 140 pounds. She had brown eyes and a curly dark afro. She was recently seen on Hollywood Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard, and Sunset Boulevard.

One update claimed that Tanya was seen on Sept. 12 at a Trader Joe’s on Santa Monica Boulevard. Those in that area were asked to keep an eye out for the missing Doctor Who actress.

On Twitter, Fear’s cousin wrote to “please please please share if you have [mutual friends] in the LA/Hollywood bowl area. My cousin is missing, she has no family in the US and we’re all really worried.”

Tanya’s manager, Alex Cole, explained that “since she’s been [in L.A.], she’s had a great career and this is just the beginning.” He explained that he had seen her a week prior to her disappearance and she seemed fine. He claimed that they discussed her career and potential jobs. “We’re obviously concerned and [hope] we find out this is a simple mistake and we find her.”

In a tweet posted early Monday morning, the @FindTanyaFear Twitter account thanked everyone who has been searching for the missing actress. “Tanya’s family would like to thank everyone on the ground in LA who spent their Sunday on the streets looking,” the post read. “It fills our hearts to know the community is coming together. Please rest safe tonight. Let’s keep her name & info out there!”