Miya Marcano, a Florida college student, is still missing and the police’s main suspect was recently found dead of an apparent suicide. Armando Manuel Caballero worked at the building where Marcano lived and, according to her family, Caballero wouldn’t leave her alone.

The 19-year-old student lived and worked in Arden Villas in Orlando, Fla. She was supposed to catch a flight to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport on Friday, but according to her family, she never arrived. She has been missing for six days.

Her family flew to Florida after not hearing from Marcano and found that her apartment had been destroyed. “Just her things in her room were kind of scattered,” cousin Caili Sue said. “Her jewelry was on the ground.” Blood was also found on the young woman’s pillow. The window of her apartment was also found open and her family believes that the young woman was kidnapped.

Florida college student Miya Marcano has been missing for six days. Police have opened up their search and her family hopes that they can bring Miya back home. (Credit: Instagram)

The Orange County Police Department started an investigation into the young girl’s disappearance and before his death, a person of interest was 27-year-old Armando Manuel Caballero. Both he and Miya worked in the same building and according to her family, Caballero had asked her out many times despite the young girl repeatedly saying no.

Caballero was found hanging from the garage building of Camden Club Apartments in Longwood where he lived on Monday. Police believe his death to be a suicide.

“Miya was kidnapped. Miya was kidnapped out of her room at Arden Villas through her bedroom window. I’m calling on all resources, the FBI, we need you,” Miya’s aunt, Semone Westmaas said. “We want Miya to be found, and whoever is involved, if there was more than Armando, we’re asking you to find them.”

New video has surfaced that showed a man matching Caballero’s description walking away and carrying some of Miya Marcano’s things. According to her family, Caballero had used the apartment’s master key to enter Marcano’s apartment without her permission just hours before she was last seen in the area. The young girl was last seen in the Arden Villas at 5 p.m.

Many residents told the media that they also had strange encounters with Caballero and that he had used his key to get into other apartments before. One woman resident said that she barely had time to put on a shirt before Caballero just walked into her apartment.

Another resident said that she doesn’t feel safe in her home anymore. Residents had reported Caballero multiple times to apartment management, but Arden Villas management said that they can find no record of complaints and that Caballero passed his national background check.

Despite Caballero’s suicide, police are continuing to look for the missing Florida college student and hope that they can find her alive. Investigators have widened their search and have looked at over 30 places across three counties. There are 60 officers who are focusing on the case.

The FBI is also helping in the case and providing local law enforcement with technology. Members of a police diving team searched Lake Monroe Wayside Park on Wednesday, but no evidence was found.

Police went back to the Arden Villas and told residents that they would be searching the properties. Nothing was found, and many residents were upset that police didn’t leave any extra surveillance on the property after they came and searched. Residents were promised by the police and by the apartment officials that there would be extra security to keep them safe.

Marcano’s family said that they were told by law enforcement that Miya could be within 30 miles of her apartment.

The investigation into the young girl’s disappearance is ongoing and police ask anyone with information that could help locate Miya Marcano to come forward. People can call the Sheriff’s Office’s non-emergency line at 407-836-4357 or 911.