WSAZ reporter Tori Yorgey is being praised for her calm demeanor and hard work ethic after she was hit by a car during a live TV broadcast in West Virginia. The video has gone viral on social media and many people are wondering how the strange accident occurred.

According to reports, Tori Yorgey was reporting about a water main break on Roxalana Hills Driver in Dunbar, W.Va. when the accident happened. She was reporting alone with a camera on a tripod and talking to anchor Tim Irr back in the studio.

The accident happened just as Irr turned the attention to Yorgey so she could update the public on the water main break. Before she could start talking, an SUV slammed into her back and pushed her off camera. She said, “Oh my God! I just got hit by a car, but I’m OK. I just got hit by a car, but I’m OK, Tim.”

The incredible reporter never stopped reporting while she was recovering. She quickly picked up her camera and got back to the news at hand. Irr said, “Well, that’s a first for you on TV, Tori.”

The 25-year-old reporter told her viewers, “That’s live TV for you. It’s all good. I actually got hit by a car in college, too, just like that. I am so glad I’m OK.” The driver of the car apologized to Yorgey for hitting her and reportedly stayed on the scene to make sure that she was OK.

Since the shocking video went viral, many people have praised the reporter for being able to stay calm and return to reporting after getting struck by the car. Today anchor Savannah Guthrie called Yorgey her hero.

Other fans have taken to social media to praise the 25-year-old and also question why Tim Irr didn’t seem concerned when Tori Yorgey was hit by a car on live TV. The WSAZ anchor stayed pretty calm during the whole video.

One person tweeted, “Is Tim a cyborg? Zero reaction.”

Irr responded to the tweet and explained his side of the viral footage. He said, “On the contrary. I couldn’t see what happened. Only audio. Then, I wasn’t truly convinced she was ok.”

He went on to say that because he couldn’t see Tori Yorgey, he didn’t know she got hit by the car until she said something. The anchor then became very concerned for his colleague and was glad that the driver who struck her stayed on the scene.

Tori Yorgey later went to the hospital to make sure she was OK. She is reportedly doing fine after the terrifying incident. Apparently, this was Yorgey’s last week with WSAZ. The West Virginia reporter recently got a new job at WTAE in Pittsburgh and will start on Feb. 1.

Tori Yorgey what happened
Tori Yorgey was struck by a car on live TV. The West Virginia reporter is being praised for her calm actions during the scary video. (Credit: Facebook)

Before the scary accident, she posted a farewell post on Facebook. She said, “I can’t even begin to describe the privilege and pleasure I’ve had bringing news into your homes the last three years. People in this Tri-State are truly amazing, some of the sweetest I’ve ever met. From offering me coffee on cold days, to helping carry my equipment–I always say the kindest people live here, and it’s true. I’ve spoken to some of you on your worst days, and others on their best—the trust is more than an honor to have, and something I’ve never taken for granted.”

Last week Tori Yorgey was interviewed by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and seem very excited about starting her new job. The 25-year-old is a native of Philadelphia and graduated from Penn State. Her new job will allow her to be closer to her family.

“I want to cover as much of my home state as I can,” Yorgey told the Post-Gazette. “I’m just excited to be back in Pennsylvania. I love it there. I’m excited to see what the Steel City has to offer and what’s ahead for me there. It will be just a great step for me career-wise and also just in life.”