New video has surfaced of missing California mom Heidi Planck, and friends are hopeful that the video will cause a new break in the case. Planck has been missing for almost a month and her actions around the time of her disappearance have confused many members of the Los Angeles Police Department.

The video places Heidi Planck in the downtown L.A. area just hours after she left her 10-year-old son’s football game on Oct. 17. The woman is seen walking her dog in an alley outside the Hope and Flower building, which is the California high-rise where police found the dog hours later wandering the 28th floor without Planck.

Instead of searching in Downey, Planck’s friends and police are now able to concentrate in the downtown area and hopefully find more evidence for the case.

“Her dog didn’t get downtown on her own. So, this video has just kind of given us confirmation that hovering around that area these last three weeks has been the right place to be. Now we know for a fact that she was down there. That’s the first real evidence we have of that,” said one of Planck’s friends.

While many of her friends are hopeful about this new video, some still have questions about Heidi Planck’s last moments. Some wonder where her purse is and how she got back into the building with her dog.

LAPD were able to obtain the video footage from a local resident, and while they have released the video, officers have not commented on what it means for the case. No suspects have been named, and authorities haven’t mentioned foul play.

Her ex-husband, Jim Wayne, thinks the mysterious disappearance has something to do with her boss, Jason Sugarman.

According to reports, Sugarman, who runs Camden Capital, is currently being investigated for a $43 million fraud scheme. His partner has already been sentenced for the crime and according to Wayne, the SEO called him asking about Sugarman. Wayne thinks his ex-wife got too close to Sugarman’s illegal business.

“Heidi knows all of Jason’s and the company’s secrets. She knows where the bones are buried,’ said Wayne.
Sugarman was also caught on video footage dropping off a box of muffins at Planck’s home a couple days after she was reported missing.

Some think Wayne had something to do with his ex-wife’s disappearance. Jim Wayne filed for sole custody of their 10-year-old son on Oct. 26, just nine days after Planck went missing. Before, the couple had shared custody of their son.

Since Heidi Planck’s disappearance, Wayne has shared some heartbreaking texts that their son has sent. According to his father, the boy texted to his mother’s phone: “Can you please call me back I’ve called you two days in a row and you haven’t picked up.” and “Please call or just text me because I want to make sure you’re ok and I’m worried about you.”

“Encourage somebody to come forward and tell us more about what she might have been doing in that area,” said friend Danielle Nadolny. “With the short span of time between the video and the dog being found, it just seems like that may have been the last place somebody’s seen her.”