There’s some drama brewing on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Housewife Whitney Rose told fans that her co-star Mary Cosby won’t speak to her and spilled that Season 2 features their fractured friendship. Mary fought back on Twitter, called her co-star a bobblehead, and the now-deleted tweets are legendary.

Whitney spilled some gossip during the Housewives Nightcap and talked about her Season 2 relationship with Mary. According to Whitney, her co-star won’t confide in her about whether or not she is running a cult and that has put a strain on their relationship.

“Mary won’t speak to me, so I, unfortunately, don’t have the opportunity to talk to her about it,” Whitney said. “That’s the type of friend I am. I will go put out the fires and then shut the door and be like, ‘Girl, what is going on? But she never affords me the respect of that conversation. So it’s been hard, it’s hard not to believe it when you can’t really get an answer on the other side.”

Mary Cosby took to Twitter and called RHOSLC co-star Whitney Rose a bobblehead. Fans everywhere are wondering what will happen next in this housewife feud
Mary Cosby took to Twitter and called RHOSLC co-star Whitney Rose a bobblehead. Fans everywhere are wondering what will happen next in this housewife feud. (Credit: Decider)

When Mary got wind of Whitney’s reveal, she took to Twitter and ranted about her “fake” co-star. She called Whitney a bobblehead and said that she was “so hungry” for drama that their friendship isn’t even savable anymore.

Before deleting all her tweets, Mary also tweeted this to fans. She said, “Whitney Rose is being so hungry with her lying self. She knows she is not that girl who puts a fire out, she can’t put her own fire out! Yes, she’s racist, I said it, racist! Like her cousin, she’s talking like she knows me. She has no backbone, she’s not real. So fake! I can’t.”

The cousin mentioned is Heather Gay. The Real Housewife accused Heather of being racist in an Instagram post that has also been deleted.

Fans think that Whitney touched a nerve with Mary earlier in the season because she was the first one to bring up the rumors that Mary is running a cult. That gossip has been a feature of RHOSLC Season 2.

The Daily Beast first broke the story about Mary’s potential cult and had seven former members of her church back up the claims. Members claimed that Mary’s church, which she inherited from her late grandmother after marrying her step-grandfather, forced them to work for her family business for little or no money, berated congregation members and told them if they left the church then they would go to Hell.

Members also claimed that Mary calls herself God.

A former male member who was with the church for 25 years said “It’s cultish what they’ve done,” he said. “It’s the mental manipulation to try to get people to believe that she has power to either take them to heaven or condemn them to hell.”

Former church members also claimed that Mary and her husband, Bishop Robert Cosby, force members to give them money every month and yell at them if they don’t get a certain amount.

Mary denied these accusations during the Season 1 reunion with Andy Cohen. She said, “There are no cults. Members of my church know they are false claims. They are ridiculous. Obviously, I’m going to appear on national television, become a Housewife, and enter the cult. Like, come on. I believe in my church.”

Mary’s cult allegations will be big drama for the rest of Season 2 and fans everywhere are wondering how Mary and Whitney Rose will deal with their fractured relationship.

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