The Kansas City Chiefs just signed Nick Bolton and Trey Smith for the 2021 NFL draft. Both players reported to the team’s facilities Friday for the rookie minicamp, finally signing official contracts.

Both Nick Bolton and Trey Smith are signing on with large salaries, taking their spots on the field with huge paydays. Aaron Wilson tweeted about the Chiefs’ new players, excited to have fresh rookie players to coach towards victory.

Missouri star Nick Bolton signed on as a linebacker for Kansas City. The second-round draft pick signed his $5.834 million contract and scored a $1.602 million signing bonus, according to Wilson. The nearly 6-foot linebacker is fast and effective, but many believe he’s too slow to trigger and neglects urgency as a Blitzer.

Nick Bolton signed on as an offensive lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs. He’s got his work cut out for him. Photo Credit: Nick Bolton/Instagram

Though he was a solid choice for the Kansas Chiefs, analysts are expecting Bolton to come out of his shell a bit and play harder than he has in the past. He has room to grow as a professional, and his career is dependent on his ability to notice plays quickly.

Nick Bolton, who played football for Missouri before signing on to the Chiefs, has football in his family. His father played college football at Louisiana Tech. He’ll likely go far for honor’s sake, looking to rise in the NFL ranks to prove that he has what it takes.

Trey Smith has his work cut out for him. He signed on to the Kansas City Chiefs after being picked in the sixth round by the NFL team. He signed his four-year contract with a $3.809 million deal that includes a $130,704 signing bonus.

Smith is playing as an offensive lineman, and he’s working to become a starter for the NFL team. He’s 6-foot-6 and 321 pounds, with exceptional blocking capabilities. He’s got an eye for defenders moving toward the ball and has the guts to finish them. However, he was a late pick for the Chiefs and has a long way to go before he’s fully reached his potential.

Trey Smith signed on as an offensive lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs. Photo Credit: Trey Smith/Instagram

Both players agreed to the standard four-year contract at the rookie wage scale. Nick Bolton and Trey Smith will be with the Kansas City Chiefs until the 2024 season, and can now stop focusing on money and start focusing on wins. With rookie minicamp and a lot of practice needed to get into fighting shape, they’ll have to earn those salaries on the practice and professional fields.