Alyssa Scott, Nick Cannon’s gorgeous girlfriend, posted a cryptic Instagram story, leading many to believe that she’s pregnant with his seventh child. The picture, posted to Instagram on Father’s Day, was set by rocks near an ocean. A figure (with tattoos that match Nick’s) sits on the rocks and leans on Alyssa Scott, both hands grasping her baby bump.

The post sparked a new series of fan theories, with Nick Cannon fans going wild. The possible baby daddy has not come forth to confirm or deny the claims, but the former America’s Got Talent host is almost certainly the father, nearly confirmed by a trail of breadcrumbs left over the past few months.

The stunning woman, Alyssa Scott, is a model and Instagram influencer with 175,000 followers. Though she’s expecting a baby and has the pregnant belly to show for it, Alyssa is used to posting hundreds of pictures on the photo-sharing platform, most of which are risqué. This has garnered her an intense following of dedicated fans, who are all at the edges of their seats waiting to hear who fathered her child.

Fans won't have to wait long. Alyssa captioned this Instagram post, saying "Mamiiii the final days are here!"
Fans won’t have to wait long to find out if Nick’s the father. Alyssa captioned this Instagram post, saying “Mamiiii the final days are here!” Photo Credit: Alyssa/Instagram

The Instagram star, who is used to getting her paychecks from sponsorships and brand deals, appeared on the silver screen with Nick Cannon. Alyssa Scott was a model for MTV’s, Wild ‘n Out, hosted by Nick Cannon. The show is filled with improvisational comedy games mixed with a signature hip-hop flavor, as celebrity guests compete in a series of comedy challenges.

Many Nick Cannon fans have followed his love life for a while, and most are unaware of who Alyssa Scott is. Though she appeared on his show, Alyssa and Nick haven’t been seen together in social circles or aren’t known to fraternize on set.

Her pregnancy announcement was shocking to some fans, especially since Nick just had a set of twins, Zion Mixolydian Cannon and Zillion Heir Cannon, with influencer Abby De La Rosa just this month. And he welcomed daughter Powerful Queen in December. Still, it almost clear now that Alyssa Scott is carrying another Cannon child.

Alyssa Scott could be carrying Nick Cannon's son. The Instagram influencer and model has been leaving clues to Zen S. Cannon's parentage.
Alyssa Scott could be carrying Nick Cannon’s son. The Instagram influencer and model has been leaving clues to Zen S. Cannon’s parentage. Photo Credit: Alyssa/Instagram

Last month, rumors began circling that Nick had yet another kid, and this time Alyssa was the mother. On Thursday, May 20, 2021, Alyssa proposed a name for her son via Instagram. The name, Zen S. Cannon, seemed a dead giveaway that Nick was the father. Still, the Masked Singer host wouldn’t budge.

A second clue was left when Alyssa posted a very revealing nude photo of her and her pregnant belly. Someone commented that “you’re gorgeous and you and Nick are going to have a beautiful baby,” to which Alysa responded, “thank you.” That post has since been deleted from her account, but it isn’t clear whether Instagram forced her to scratch the revealing post, or if the model chose to do so herself after seemingly revealing a key detail.

A month later, on Father’s Day, Alyssa posted another hint about her baby’s parentage, this time in the form of an Instagram story. Though the figure’s face isn’t recognizable as it is turned toward the water, fans are almost certain it’s Nick Cannon. The question is: why is she being so secretive?

Having had children with some big names – he shares twins Moroccan Scott Cannon and Monroe Cannon with ex-wife Mariah Carey – the star might not want a high-profile delivery. Instead, he may want the pregnancy to be under the radar, though that’s failed miserably. It’s also possible that this whole Instagram crumb trail is a way to hype up the pregnancy. Stay tuned!