Johanna Leia got a spectacular date-night gift on Thursday when Drake rented out Dodger Stadium for an intimate evening in Los Angeles. It’s hard to dodge feelings with a grand gesture like that, especially when the man with the plan is 34-year-old Drizzy.

The couple spent the night dining in the sports arena, with Johanna, 40, cuddled up next to Drake near the baseball field, eating and drinking with their very own bartender nearby. After the home run, it will be hard for Drake to top it. Before he gets a chance to woo Johanna again, fans want to know: Who is the woman that Drake is going big for? And will he strike out?

1. Johanna Leia is a Mother Of Two

Last month, Drake and Johanna were spotted next to Michael B. Jordan at Sierra Canyon High School, watching a basketball game – courtside tickets included. At the time, high school basketball didn’t seem like a very romantic date.

It turns out, Johanna’s son, Amari Bailey, is a star player. The mother shares her son with ex former NFL wide receiver, Aaron Bailey, and it seems Amari got the athletic genes.

The 17-year-old shooting guard is ranked 3rd on the ESPN 100 list and is known as one of the best high school basketball players in the country. Paul Biancardi, ESPN’s national recruiting director, claimed the kid’s “a pure combination guard who has effortless high-end scoring ability.” The praise is nothing short of astonishing, though it’s hard not to give a little credit to Amari’s mom.

Johanna Leia raised Amari Bailey, one of the country's best high school basketball players and ranked 3rd on ESPN's 100 list.
Johanna Leia raised Amari Bailey, one of the country’s best high school basketball players, and ranked 3rd on ESPN’s 100 list. Photo Credit: Instagram

Johanna also has a daughter, 7-year-old Savvy, whom she also shares with Aaron. Savvy hasn’t shown any basketball prowess yet, but there’s still time for talent to shine through.

2. More Than A Model

When she’s not being an adorable mom, cheering her son on during his basketball games, Johanna Leia is a stunning model with quite the portfolio. The 40-year-old beauty started posing for pics when she was in college, and since then, has built herself a career in the industry.

Beyond her modeling ventures, Johanna Leia is known for being a TV personality, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. Though her Instagram bio only gives her credit for two, “Mother – Entrepreneur,” Johanna has plenty to boast about.

On her resume is the Lifetime reality series Bringing Up Ballers, and her modeling history includes work for Ford and Wilhelmina Models. Anyone in the market for a new car?

3. Numbers… Numbers… NUMBERS!!!

Johanna Leia is a smart cookie, who has used her talents to amass a huge following and quite a few dollars in the bank. With 220,000 followers on Insta and a net worth estimated at $1-5 million, Johanna can take care of herself.

Some of that money comes from sponsorships. One of Johanna Leia’s most recent partners is FashionNova Curve, a plus-size fashion brand with worldwide shipping. Johanna modeled a few of the company’s pieces, including a poolside pic with a black bathing suit.

4. Johanna Leia Does It All: Model, Mother, Entrepreneur

Johanna Leia seems to do it all, and looks good doing it. Among her other accomplishment, the model, born on February 19, 1981, set up a youth basketball camp called Superstar. Though not a lot is known about the youth basketball camp, the impressive start-up was likely dedicated to Johanna’s son, Amari Bailey, who recently committed to UCLA.

Amari is a “clever ball handler,” according to Biancardi, who says the boy can change “his speeds and direction with purpose when navigating a defense,” a particularly impressive feat. Though it’s likely Amari’s athletic talents come from his NFL dad, it’s also very possible that Johanna Leia’s blood, sweat, and tears as a mother have shaped the high school superstar.

5. Drake Is Under Johanna’s Spell

Johanna Leia and Drake are not “official” official, but renting out the entirety of Dodger Stadium for a date is nothing short of serious. The hip-hop star is surely in deep, and it also seems that Johanna is enjoying herself quite a bit.

Johanna Leia is a model, mother, and entrepreneur! The incredible woman has won over Drake's heart, which is evident by the romantic date night at Dodger Stadium.
Johanna Leia is a model, mother, and entrepreneur! The incredible woman has won over Drake’s heart, which is evident by the romantic date night at Dodger Stadium. Photo Credit: Instagram

After news of the date leaked, Johanna posted a cryptic message on her Instagram account. “Take time to do what makes your soul happy,” Johanna reposted the quote on her feed!