Bachelor alum Amanda Stanton announced her engagement to fiance Michael Fogel on Instagram on Thursday, celebrating her long road to love throughout the reality television dating series.

“Ahhh I’m still freaking out and shaking lol can’t wait to tell you all everything!” the reality star wrote on her Instagram story after she got engaged. “All the love from y’all means so much to me ilysm!!!”

“YES !!! 💍” she captioned the photo, later writing, “When you know you know.”

Going public with their relationship on Valentine’s Day 2021, the Bachelor star hinted that an engagement might be in the works to the real estate worker, which finally came true Thursday in front of the family’s gorgeous Christmas tree.

A single mom to two adorable girls (Kinsley, 9, and Charlie, 7), Amanda Stanton, 31, joined Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor back in 2016, after ending her marriage to ex-husband Nick Buonfiglio.

Amanda Stanton, Michael Fogel, and her two daughters
Amanda Stanton, Michael Fogel, and her two daughters. Photo Credit: Instagram

Though she didn’t win Ben’s heart, she later joined Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 where she got engaged to Josh Murray, who former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman said was full of “red flags” after ending their engagement.

“I was disgusted with myself for what I put up with,” Dorfman told People back in 2016. “I was a strong, independent woman and I allowed [Josh] to be [emotionally abusive].”

Murray and Amanda Stanton later split in Jan. 2017, but the Bachelor star refused to disclose what went wrong in the relationship. Many fans pointed to Andi Dorfman’s memoir, which called Murray “controlling, paranoid and verbally abusive,” as reason enough for the engagement to fall apart. Even still, Josh Murray has denied all the allegations against him.

Amanda Stanton had brief flings with other Bachelor stars such as Robby Hayes.

Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray, a brief couple from 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray, a brief couple from ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ Photo Credit: Instagram

Dating outside of the Bachelor world for a change, Stanton was linked to New York attorney Oren Agman for an unknown amount of time, as well as volleyball player Bobby Jacobs, before meeting her new fiance Michael Fogel.

Her split with Jacobs came as a complete surprise, though it seemed to have nothing to do with her time spent with her kids, which the rumors swirled around after the breakup.

“I was completely blindsided and it just happened very suddenly,” she wrote on Instagram at the time. “We had talked about things like getting engaged … I thought we were going to get engaged by the end of the year.”

“First and foremost, I want to clear the air about my kids,” she stated a bit later. “My kids know, no matter what, they are always my number one priority. Always. I remind them that every single day. They never feel like I’m choosing a guy over them, and that’s the silliest assumption about me that I’ve ever heard.”

Michael Fogel previously dated Bachelor star Corinne Olympios, who told US Weekly that she was happy for them but that it was “a little uncomfortable.”

“She knows I will always be there for her, and if she needs me, at the end of the day, I’ll be there for her… She just chose to do something that I don’t really think is right in a friendship,” Olympios said back in March after the couple announced their relationship.

“It has nothing to do with the guy, I mean goodbye to the guy,” she said. “It was more [that it] really hurt my feelings that someone I considered one of my best friends and family would even just be OK with doing that when I wouldn’t look at any of my friends’ boyfriends twice.”

Other Bachelor nation friends commented on the post offering congratulations, with JoJo Fletcher and Ashley Iaconetti writing that they were “so happy” for the new couple. Jade Tolbert, Elyse Dehlbom, and Jenna Cooper also commented their “congrats,” with Kristina Schulman writing that she was “over the moon” after hearing of their engagement.