Five years after the Delphi murders of two teenage girls, Abigail Williams, 13, and Liberty German, 14, police announced that they’ve come closer to identifying the killer.

Hiking on a trail in the Indiana town, the two girls never returned, and their killer was never found. Shocking video and audio recorded on one of the teenage girls’ phones documented the entire trip leading up to their death, ending with the suspected Delphi killer telling them to go “down the hill.”

New information in the case led authorities to believe that the killer was still out there, and according to ABC’s Nightline, they plan to issue a warning to the suspect live on television.

“My resolve to catch him is as strong now as it was day one,” Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter said, responding to renewed interest in the five-year-old case. “But the difference now, between now and day one, is we know about you – a lot about you. Today could be the day… sleep well.”

One of the most bizarre parts of the case, however, was that police never released Abigail Williams or Liberty German’s cause of death. According to ABC News, police have kept hidden other key facts about the case, as well.

The investigation’s secrecy is what makes their latest announcement so shocking, especially because authorities say they’re closer to catching the killer.

A rough sketch of the suspect in the Delphi murders
A rough sketch of the suspect in the Delphi murders. Photo Credit: Indiana State Police

The murders rocked the 3,000-resident community back in 2017, after the two teenagers went missing on their day off from school. Many Delphi residents, including Abigail Williams and Liberty German’s families, have continued to hold Police Superintendent Doug Carter’s feet to the fire.

According to Indiana police, the audio and video recorded that day from Liberty German’s phone has led investigators to a new lead on social media, pointing to a suspected account accused of pedophilia.

Liberty German’s grandparents later told reporters that they believe the 14-year-old must have known something was wrong with the man that fateful day, which is why she recorded so much content.

She was an aspiring softball athlete, with many describing her as “kind” and “helpful.” Abigail was also remembered fondly by the community. She was an independent artist and musician.

Authorities asked anyone with information about a social media account named “anthony_shots” to call their hotline at 765-822-3535, believing that the owner may have something to do with the murders. Investigators did not reveal the potential connection but stated that the Snapchat and Instagram profiles associated with the name attempted to solicit nude images from juvenile females.

The social media profile “generated a tremendous number of leads for us,” Police Superintendent Doug Carter revealed, “and that’s as far as I can go.”

A photo of the suspected Delphi killer released by Indiana police
A photo of the suspected Delphi killer released by Indiana police. Photo Credit: Indiana State Police

The model in many of the images online is not suspected to be the killer, police stated, but the account owner may be connected.

“I get 25 to 30 tips a week personally. I can assure you — it’s moving,” Carter told town residents about the investigation, unsolved for nearly five years.

“There is some information about this case that we cannot release to protect the integrity of the investigation,” he continued. “One day I’m gonna be able to explain it — we will be able to explain why we held certain things.”

The full update on the story, five years later, premieres on ABC’s ‘Nightline’ Friday night at 12:35 a.m. EST.