Gene Siller was killed three days ago at the Pinetree Country Club, but the shooter has not yet been identified and is still on the loose. The shooting left three dead. The golf pro was shot on the 10th hole of the Atlanta-area golf course along with two others. Countless questions remain as the police try to piece together what happened. The motive has not been revealed.

Members of the Georgia country club were shocked to hear of the tragic demise of Gene Siller, a husband, father of two, and pro golfer who regularly competed in Georgia’s PGA Section golfing tournaments since 2007. His body was found near the green of the course’s 10th hole with a gunshot wound to the head, according to police.

Siller, who was the club’s director of golf, was shot around 2.20 p.m. Saturday, though his killer’s identity has not been revealed by police, and authorities are still hunting for clues to determine the suspect. According to reports, a white Ram 3500 pickup truck was found on the green when officers arrived on the scene. Two bodies were found stuffed in the truck’s bed, both of whom were shot.

Reports claim that someone had driven the truck onto the golf course, and when Siller arrived to see what was going on, he was shot and killed. Siller reportedly went to speak to the driver of the white truck, which had pulled onto a sand trap nearby when he was shot in the head. The suspect then fled the scene, leaving two men in the truck’s bed and Siller lying dead on the green.

Paul Pierson, the owner of the Ram 3500 pickup, was among those killed. His body, along with another’s, was found in the bed of the truck, though the identity of the second individual has not been revealed by authorities. It’s still unclear what happened as the events unfolded, and a motive has not been identified by police. Authorities are asking nearby residents to check their doorbell video for new clues.

Pro Golfer, Gene Siller, shot dead at Pinetree Country Club on Saturday. Police are still searching for the identity of the shooter three days after the incident.
Pro Golfer, Gene Siller, shot dead at Pinetree Country Club on Saturday. Police are still searching for the identity of the shooter three days after the incident. Photo Credit: GoFundMe

The Georgia State Golf Association released a statement via Twitter, saying that “all of us at the GSGA are deeply saddened by the tragic events that occurred earlier today at Pinetree CC. Our thoughts and prayers are with Gene Siller’s family and friends.” The 46-year-old Gene Siller worked as an employee of the Pinetree Country Club, having previously worked as the director of golf and head golf pro at Summit Chase Country Club.

As a recurring competitor in Georgia’s PGA Section golfing tournaments, the Georgia PGA remembered Gene Siller in a Twitter post on Saturday. “Tragedy has stricken the Georgia Section PGA in the loss of our Member, Gene Siller. Thoughts and prayers for his family and the Pinetree Country Club family,” the post read. The killer is still on the loose and is “considered armed and dangerous,” according to KSU Emergency Management.

The suspect’s identity is unknown, though reports claim he is “a Hispanic Male.” KSU reported that the suspect is “6’1” and 170 lbs and was last seen wearing a white T-shirt.” The “suspect was last seen in the area on Pine Tree Country Club headed towards Frey Lake Rd.” The Pinetree Country Club golf course is close to Kennesaw State University.

According to members of the country club, the community is in shock following Siller’s death. Sebastian Schutte, who was a friend of Siller’s, said that “it didn’t hit me until later that this happened at our country club. I still can’t believe it.”

Gene Siller was well-liked and “treated everyone with respect,” according to Schutte. A GoFundMe page was set up to help with funeral costs and support the family during this difficult time. Siller leaves behind two children, ages 6 and 7, as well as a wife.

The GoFundMe page raised over $421,000 in one day, with donations spread across nearly 3,000 people. “We are asking for donations to help Gene’s precious family in this terrible time of need,” the GoFundMe post reads. “Please keep Gene’s family as well as his Pinetree family in your prayers.”