NYPD officers Wilbert Mora and Jason Rivera were shot Friday in Harlem, NY. An NYPD officer was killed on the scene and Wilbert Mora is currently in the hospital fighting for his life. Police are investigating the crime and trying to determine what happened to their fellow officers.

According to reports, the two officers were responding to a domestic violence call at 119 West 135th Street at around 6:15 p.m. when the shooting took place. The call was about a mother who needed help with her son, 47-year-old Lashawn McNeil. The woman told officers that there were no injuries or weapons on scene.

Wilbert Mora Jason Rivera
Jason Rivera was killed in the line of duty. His partner is currently in critical condition after the two NYPD officers responded to a domestic violence call. (Credit: NYPD)

Wilbert Mora, Jason Rivera and a third cop arrived at the apartment to find the mother and her other son in the home. McNeil was being held in a back bedroom. When the two officers started walking down the hallway, McNeil came out of the room and fired.

“As our first officer approached the bedroom, the door swings open and numerous shots are fired, striking both officers,” James Essig, chief of detectives said during a news conference at Harlem Hospital.

Lashawn McNeil tried to flee the scene after shooting the two officers, but he was stopped by the third officer who shot him in the head and arm. The suspect is currently in surgery for his injuries. Officers recovered a Glock .45 from the apartment, it was reported stolen back in 2017.

Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora were rushed to the hospital. Rivera later passed away from his injuries, he was just 22 years old and had joined the NYPD in 2020. 27-year-old Wilbert Mora is currently in extreme critical condition according to the police force. Details about his injuries and condition have not been released.

Wilbert Mora Jason Rivera
An NYPD Officer was seriously injured during a Harlem shooting. His partner, Jason Rivera was killed. Police are investigating. (Credit: NYPD)

Neighbors who heard the shooting thought the gunshots were just fireworks. One person said, “Around 10 or 15 shots came from behind my building, which is, I’m not going to say not normal, but it’s the occurrence here in Harlem. It’s been getting bad over the last year or so,” he said. “I thought they were fireworks.”

The terrifying NYPD shooting means that five New York officers have been shot in the line of duty since 2022 started. Two of those officers were shot earlier in the week. Many people in New York are on edge and are worried about the increase in gun violence that they have seen in the city.

Mayor Eric Adams spoke during a press conference and said that he is not going to give up on New York and is ready to fight for his people’s safety.

He said, “It is our city against the killers. It is our city against the killers. This was just not an attack on three brave officers. This was an attack on the city of New York. It is an attack on the children and families of this city. And we are not going to win this battle by dividing lines between us. We must save this city together. That is what we must do.”

The mayor added that he will be working to discover how all these guns are getting into New York and will try to stop it. He added, “We are going to find these guns and we are going to find those who carry them and use them. We are committed to ending this violence. My heart goes out to these families who are experiencing such a traumatic experience.”

Over 1,300 guns were recovered in the Bronx last year.

The families of Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora have not spoken out about their family members. The NYPD is asking the people of New York to keep the officers in their prayers.