Wyatt McKee’s dream came true when he was brought up on stage at a Blake Shelton concert in Choctaw Casino & Resort in Durant, OK. The 6-year-old fan in need of a heart transplant sang his favorite song “God’s County” with the country music star. And the adorable boy quickly stole the show.

Born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which means that the left side of his heart did not grow as intended, the young fan has already had two open-heart surgeries as he waits for a donor.

Wyatt McKee went to the concert with his mom, Harley McKee, who said that he begged her to go after repeatedly playing “God’s Country” in the car “for a couple of years now.”

“He just came home one day and just kept yelling to play ‘God’s Country,’ ‘God’s Country,'” she told Fox News. “Anytime we get in the car, we got to play ‘God’s Country’ all the time.”

“And in the house,” young Wyatt McKee added. “And in the house, yes,” his mom agreed.

Going to the Choctow Casino & Resort concert, they two brought a sign that read, “Your smallest biggest fan from Lake Texoma, 6 years old. Waiting on a heart transplant.”

The message got the attention of Blake Shelton, and he motioned for event personal to help them up on stage. Wyatt was wearing a backpack, a little red hat, and bright green sneakers.

Holding the sign up to his fans, Blake said, “Think y’all are having a bad day put that in perspective right there, man.”

Wyatt McKee, the 6-year-old fan who sang 'God's Country' with Blake Shelton up on stage
Wyatt McKee, the 6-year-old fan who sang ‘God’s Country’ with Blake Shelton up on stage. Photo Credit: Facebook

The country music star and The Voice judge asked Wyatt McKee his favorite song, and the two broke out into “God’s Country” for an audience of thousands.

“I don’t know if Blake Shelton will ever see this but I just want to let him know he is awesome and officially my favorite person he absolutely made Wyatt’s day,” Harley McKeee

“There just might be some things in life that he might not get to do because we don’t know his outcome,” Harley McKee told local reporters for KXII 12 News. “When will he get a heart transplant? You know, will everything be alright? Will it last? His life is just, it’s always unknown, anybody’s is unknown, but his is more unknown.”

“Oh, I mean, I cried,” his mother continued. “He got to do something that he really, really loved and really wanted to do. It’s a pretty big deal.”

Blake Shelton is known for appreciating his younger fans and bringing them up on stage, as the singer tries to inspire hope in the country music community.

In March 2020, he brought up a 5-year-old fan to sing “Hell Right” with him and Trace Adkins in San Diego, and in December 2019, he visited a young fan with cerebral palsy. The 7-year-old fan, Colton Harkness, was later flown from Indiana to California as part of the Kids Wish Network to visit Blake Shelton on the set of The Voice.

“Me and Blake are friends now!” the boy said afterward. The young fan sat in the judge’s seat, got to spend time with Gwen Stefani and John Legend, and even got a The Voice T-shirt.