Yecenia Morales suffered a fatal fall while bungee-jumping in Colombia. The 25-year-old Colombian woman plunged to her death after misunderstanding the operator’s hand signals. The woman jumped off of the platform without the bungee, falling 164 feet to her death.

The freak accident occurred on Sunday in Amaga, Colombia, during a daytime excursion organized by Sky Bungee Jumping. Yecenia Morales had traveled to the Amaga viaduct with her boyfriend to attempt her very first jump. The girl and her boyfriend were the 90th jumpers of the day. As they approached the platform things quickly went awry.

According to Gustavo Guzman, the mayor of Fredonia, Yecenia Morales “got confused” while waiting on the platform. Reports claim the girl had gotten her safety harness but that it wasn’t strapped in. When her boyfriend was signaled to go, Morales assumed the operator was motioning her to jump.

Sky Bungee Jumping hosts excursions for true daredevils. On July 18, Yecenia Morales misunderstood the operator's signal and jumped before her safety harness was secure.
Sky Bungee Jumping hosts excursions for true daredevils. On July 18, Yecenia Morales misunderstood the operator’s signal and jumped before her safety harness was secure. Photo Credit: Facebook

The operator signaled to the unnamed boyfriend to jump, but Morales believed the cue was for her. In an instant, Yecenia Morales leaped off the bridge platform, plunging 164 feet to her death. Her body landed in the valley below and her boyfriend made a mad dash to rescue her.

The unidentified boyfriend ran down to the valley in an attempt to save his fallen soulmate. He began performing CPR on her to no avail. When firefighters finally arrived, Yecenia Morales was pronounced dead at the scene.

Morales’ cause of death is still being investigated. While the 164-foot drop would be fatal on its own, medical reports suggest the first-time jumper had a heart attack during the free fall. It’s unclear whether she died before hitting the ground.

Morales’ unnamed boyfriend is currently being treated for the wounds he sustained while rushing to the girl’s aid. His exact injuries have not been disclosed, but he is reportedly in shock following the incident.

The fatal free-fall was deemed a freak accident by the mayor of Fredonia. Guzman claimed the tragedy was the result of a big misunderstanding, but that no one specific is to blame for Morales’ death. “The signal was for the boyfriend to jump because he was already attached to the security equipment,” the mayor explained. “They had only put the harness on her so she got confused and rushed.”

While its likely no one will be charged for Yecenia Morales’ death, the bungee jumping organization, Sky Bungee Jumping, is under investigation following the incident. According to the Daily Mail, authorities have launched an investigation into the organization after it was identified that several companies at the site did not have licenses.

The woman’s death is being mourned by her family, which has been outspoken since the accident. One family member, Morales’ brother, Andres, said “my sister is a girl with all the best values.”

“Happy, spontaneous,” Andres Morales continued. “With virtues that made her love her friends, and helped the people in need.” He added that his sister loved to read and dance, and showcased a passion for entrepreneurship.

On its Facebook page, Sky Bungee Jumping has not mentioned the tragic accident. Its latest post is an advertisement set at the bridge in Amaga, Colombia. In the video, dozens of jumpers wait their turn as daredevils make the leap of faith one by one. The video shows the exact spot where Yecenia Morales made her fatal dive.

Listed on the company’s Facebook page are the available jump dates, including July 18, when Yecenia Morales made her fatal jump. It’s unclear whether the rest of the sessions – listed for August 1 and 14 – will be canceled following the freak accident. Other videos on the page show amateur jumpers as they plunge more than 160 feet.