Dispo, originally known as ‘David’s Disposable,’ is an app that launched back in 2019 and found quick success in the market. Dispo is essentially an invite-only, photo-sharing app with a twist, where users can take pictures, but can’t access them until the following day. The app is supposed to present a similar experience to that of a disposable camera. According to CNBC, since the picture doesn’t ‘develop’ until the following day at 9 AM, users are forced to “live in the moment” because they can’t caption or edit it until the following day. Despite the apps success, investors are jumping ship due to a major controversy surrounding the apps co-founder, David Dobrik.

The controversy involves one of Dobrik’s vlog squad members, Dom, who has appeared in a number of videos. During one video titled, “SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE PLAYED WITH FIRE!!,” Dobrik records a series of clips, and in one of them, Dom appears to enter a room with three girls. Just before the incident, the vlog squad provided alcohol to the underaged girls, and made crude jokes regarding group sex. The video ends with Dobrik, Dom, and a few of their friends laughing about the night’s events, joking that “I think we are all [going to jail]”. The woman featured in the 2018 vlog has not yet pressed charges, but she claims that she was too drunk to consent to Dom’s sexual advances, marking it as sexual assault.


Amidst the controversy, and despite Dobrik’s departure, venture capital firm, Spark Capital, announced that it would sever all ties with Dispo. This decision comes after the company lead a $20 million Series A in the business in February. In a twitter post by Spark Capital, the company announced that it is “in the process of making arrangements to ensure [they] do not profit from [its] recent investment in Dispo”. Following the Series A round and a $200 million company valuation, Dispo’s image soured, and users took to app stores to leave horrible reviews.

According to The Verge, multiple sponsors are also reevaluating their relationships with David Dobrik, and some have severed that relationship entirely. David Dobrik famously demonetizes his YouTube videos, leaving funding to merch sales and sponsorships. Since the start of the controversy, David Dobrik has lost over 100,000 subscribers.


David Dobrik commented about the controversy in a video published to VIEWS, a YouTube channel dedicated to his apple podcast with star Jason Nash. During the video, Dobrik admits the mistakes he’s made in previous videos but assures fans that he has “grown as a content creator and as a person, and [doesn’t] agree with some of the videos [he’s] posted.” David Dobrik admits that he ended friendships with some of his friends due to conflicts in philosophies, and did so with Dom back in 2019. Despite his words, fans are turning their backs on the content creator and as it turns out, so are major companies which have previously funded his exploits.