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Zehra Gunes Is Gorgeous! Turkish Volleyball Star Didn’t Win a Medal, But She Won the Hearts of Many Olympics Fans – Especially Men! (PHOTOS)

Zehra Gunes is a new fan-favorite after her stunning performance at Tokyo 2020. While the Turkish volleyball player didn’t take home a medal during her Olympic debut, she did win the hearts of fans not only for her her winning good looks.

Here are five things to know about Zehra Gunes.  

She Kicked Butt During Tokyo 2020

The 22-year-old volleyball star did not lead her team into the semifinals, but she did a great job of making it a nail-biting match. The team from Turkey squared off against the powerful South Korean team in a two-hour and 17-minute quarterfinals match that had every viewer at the edge of their seat. Zehra Gunes was at the forefront of that match, representing her country as lucky number 18.

Zehra Gunes represented Turkey in Tokyo 2020. Though her team didn't win gold, she did mark herself as one of the best blockers in the Olympics.
Zehra Gunes represented Turkey in Tokyo 2020. Though her team didn’t win gold, she did mark herself as one of the best blockers in the Olympics. Photo Credit: Instagram

One fan on Twitter pointed out that while “everybody thought it was going to be Eda or Ebrar who was gonna carry Turkey on their back,” it was Zehra Gunes who was the star of the show. She was “the leading blocker of the Olympics,” according to the Twitter fan. Despite Turkey’s loss, the Twitter fan provided some much-needed support. “We’re all rooting for you!” the fan wrote. That is certainly true…

Zehra Gunes Went Viral

Tokyo 2020 was more than a battleground for Zehra Gunes to go for gold alongside her team. It was also a stepping stone to a much bigger social media presence. The Turkish volleyball player went viral following Wednesday’s epic match, with fans noticing just how gorgeous Zehra is.

“Zehra Gunes marry me,” one fan declared during the match, proposing to the 6-foot-6 Turkish athlete. The sentiment was echoed across social media and on Twitter, hundreds of fans were begging for attention from the volleyball star.

“Zehra Gunes marry me right now!” a Twitter user wrote in all caps. Many others commented on the platform, declaring their love for the gorgeous athlete. Zehra played more than the court but her fans too, spiking the ball and hearts all at once.

Zehra Has A Killer Sponsor

Zehra has a very successful sports career having competed around the world. Though she doesn’t have a gold medal from the Olympics just yet, at 22 she already has a killer sponsor. She’s a Nike Athlete, according to her Instagram page. She represents the athletic-wear company across her platform, on and off the court.

When competing Zehra Gunes usually wears Nike shoes. She takes her sponsorship very seriously, having earned the title through a lot of hard work. The company does not give the title of “Nike athlete” without the athlete effectively proving themselves on the court. Zehra has done that through making it to the Olympics, as well as competing on the National level with the Turkish National Team.

She’s More Than A Volleyball Player

The Turkish volleyball star is more than just a good player – she’s a businesswoman, too. With over a million followers on Instagram, Zehra Gunes has marked herself as a true influencer on the platform. She has also garnered some impressive sponsors such as Mercedes and L’Oreal.

Zehra is an athlete and a businesswoman! She has partnerships with L'Oreal and Mercedes.
Zehra is an athlete and a businesswoman! She has partnerships with L’Oreal and Mercedes. Photo Credit: Instagram

There are several posts on Zehra’s feed that show the model-like athlete sporting her sexy ride. #Hatchback she captions most of her Mercedes posts. In one post the 6-foot-6 volleyball player is standing in front of her silver Mercedes Benz and she is looking stunning as ever.

The Instagram influencer also has affiliations with L’Oreal. “Make 2021 light as air,” the athlete captioned one of her posts. In the picture, Zehra is holding up an “Air Volume” mega mascara stick from L’Oreal. The advertisement reached hundreds of thousands of followers, making her the ideal partner for the makeup brand.

Zehra Gunes Knows How To Have Fun!

When she isn’t dominating the volleyball court or partnering with huge brands, the beautiful athlete enjoys the little things in life. According to her Instagram, Zehra loves the beach and traveling with her friends. She also has a passion for fashion and uses her social media presence to showcase her stunning looks.

Zehra Gunes loves the beach! The volleyball star is more than just a pretty face... she's got plenty of passions, too!
Zehra Gunes loves the beach! The volleyball star is more than just a pretty face… she’s got plenty of passions, too! Photo Credit: Instagram

It seems Zehra’s fans have the right idea about her: whoever is lucky enough to marry her is going to have it all!

What impressed you most about Zehra Gunes? Let us know in the comments section below!

Alden Etra
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