How It Ends director Zoe Lister-Jones revealed additional allegations against Sex and the City‘s Chris Noth, after two women this week accused the actor of sexual assault. Sharing details of “sexually inappropriate behavior” on the set of Law & Order, the actress posted an Instagram story about the 67-year-old’s drunken, uncomfortable conduct.

Chris Noth, who played Mike Logan on over 100 episodes of Law & Order, returned in the 2000s for a 36-episode appearance on the spinoff Law & Order: Criminal Intent, where Zoe Lister-Jones starred in one episode, early in her career.

In between takes on set, Zoe Lister-Jones revealed on Instagram late Thursday night that Chris Noth once “got close to me, sniffed my neck and whispered: ‘You smell good.'”

Zoe Lister-Jones was 23 years old at the time, while Chris Noth was 51.

She alleged that the actor was also “consistently sexually inappropriate with a fellow female promoter” who worked at a nightclub that he owned, and that he would drink a “22 ounce beer under the table” in-between takes.

After becoming famous on Law & Order and as Sarah Jessica Parker’s love interest Mr. Big on Sex and the City, Chris Noth now stars on The Equalizer reboot with Queen Latifah. He was recently controversially killed off the Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That…, but his exit seemed unrelated to the recent allegations. HBO has yet to comment on the women’s accusations against their longtime star, as well CBS, home of The Equalizer.

Chris Noth's behavior on set with Zoe Lister-Jones was described as 'sexually inappropriate'
Chris Noth’s behavior on set with Zoe Lister-Jones was described as ‘sexually inappropriate.’ Photo Credit: Shutterstock

“Last week my friend asked me how I felt about Mr Big’s death and I said honestly I felt relieved,” Zoe Lister-Jones said in her Thursday night Instagram story.

Her friend allegedly asked her why she couldn’t separate the actor from the man, to which she responded that it was because she believed he was “a sexual predator.”

“My friend was alarmed at my word choice and to be honest so was I,” she said. “I hadn’t thought of this man for many years and yet there was a virility to my language that came from somewhere deep and buried.”

The actress acknowledged that her experience was “small in comparison to the accounts of assault that have so bravely been shared,” but that navigating predatory men was a burden that all women have to bear.

The two women who came out with allegations of sexual assault and rape against Chris Noth on Thursday have yet to press charges, according to Los Angeles Police, who told Deadline that they were not actively looking into the allegations.

“There is no accountability and no consequence,” Lister-Jones said. “Chris Noth capitalized on the fantasy that women believed Mr. Big represented.” And those fantasies often create environments where emotional confusion thrives.”

A women who spoke out under the name “Lily” revealed in their accusation that they were intoxicated and felt like they were having an out-of-body experience meeting and flirting with the Mr. Big actor. They described nonconsensual sexual experiences happening swiftly and almost entrancingly.

The actor responded to the allegations on Thursday, denied both accounts and called them “categorically false.”

Noth, who has been married with two children since 2012, met his wife sometime in the early 2000s. He did not deny having sexual relations with the two women, but instead their accounts of assault.

“These stories could’ve been from 30 years ago or 30 days ago — no always means no — that is a line I did not cross,” he said. “The encounters were consensual. It’s difficult not to question the timing of these stories coming out. I don’t know for certain why they are surfacing now, but I do know this: I did not assault these women.”

At the end of her Instagram story, Zoe Lister-Jones signed off, “F**k Mr. Big.”